Donald Trump, Loser In Golf, Loser In Life

Donald Trump, Loser In Golf, Loser In Life

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 When a loser cheats like Donald Trump. It’s impossible to build character. The Republican’t Party has been seditious, treasonous and un-American for decades leading up to their most representative figurehead. Because of cult Trumpism we must vote out every Republican’t.

One of the best books out there about how reprehensible Trump is. Cheating at golf is a mere example compared to his business dealings.
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We marinate in politics for you. So you can get involved without a lot of searching all over.

Loser Trump cheated his way through life
My Team Joe Democratic Candidates Can Make Historic Wins. Loser Trump cheated his way through life. Democrats are the only ones standing up to end the crime spree. The youth vote could flip whole states like Nebraska and Texas. You just have to want it and vote 2022! Vote out Republicans!


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