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Type in your location and you can start TODAY
Type in your location and you can start TODAY

We can stand up and show up for more and more actions as the Trump MAGA Machine cranks out the Radical Right Wing agenda in policies, tweets and mob gatherings. So be the counterbalance that you HOPE for by following this site of anti-Trump activism events. You can find rallies, callouts, forums, counter-demonstrations, etc, happening almost every day near you. Even in RED States.
(Putin put the RED in Red States.)

Also on Facebook for you more sociable socialists.

Now that you’ve found a place to gather or protest, Look here for fun costuming and supplies to make you a democratic super hero.

Stand out in the crowd with a anti-Trump costume


The liberal media bias never existed on the TV and radio and most print media. The only bias on the networks is the cheesy quest for ratings. That is what fuels the intellectual race to the bottom, I’ts no big media conspiracy. Just a neutral dumbing-down. Thus the result is a media that only edifies us enough to understand the soap commercials, but not too smart, or they might understand the drug commercials’ disclaimers. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had to put disclaimers on Repugnican’ts with their political ads? [Actual greatness may vary. Voting for this candidate may cause…]

So where is it? How can I find an alternative to fake news? Where are all the Progressive Liberals at? What is the antidote to Rush Limbaugh, Savage Nation, Bill O’Riley, all the other right wing radio freaks who brainwash and propagandize dupe right wing listeners the way Fox News lies to and dupes the fools who watch it?

The Right Wing Echo Chamber Of Deception
A Flow Chart

Talk Radio (Rush & his imitators) =

World Net Daily =

FOX News =

Trump Tweets and Policy =

Internet Trolls & Bots

Brainwash, rinse and repeat ad nausium…

The Media Connection

Are there companies that sponsor the reasonable, thoughtful and free thinking loyal patriots who are standing up against illegitimate puppet president Donald Jerk Trump? Is there a safe place on the internet for our children where they won’t be taught hate, racism, body issues, simple minded blather, greed, bullying, blind consumerism, apostate religion, and rude behavior? Where are all our Democrat, Liberal and Independent friends who are bold enough to fight the right wing corporatist nationalist theocracy? Well, the reason you may not already know where to go is the Truth media is not supported by slush fund ad money like right wing radio is.

So understand one thing. All the righties get money to advertise on billboards and other promotional methods. Meanwhile our side has no promotional budget to support our media counter-balance. What we do have is the natural attraction that the truth commands. However, it’s up to you all to promote our progressive voices so everybody has a chance to hear shows like Stephanie Miller’s. Once they hear, they perceive the difference and respond to the refreshing breeze of honest information. This is the wind that will amplify the Blue Wave that is needed to cleanse Washington DC of the traitorous greed-heads.

We need to get behind and support the few progressive voices we have. Key to this is the morning progressive radio program, The Stephanie Miller Show. Here’s a copy of the LA Times article about her.

I will post them to the side, so look over here…

Support Our Stephie! 

How to rise above the right wing propaganda media monopoly?

Climb out of the right wing radio morass of morons. The Stephanie Miller Show is a key, necessary component of your anti-Trump activist kit. Whether it’s the daily morning radio show to start every day or the podcast to hear all day. Sexy Stephie will dissolve the fake news scales from your eyes so you can see straight. Then you can maybe see her and allies of our movement live and in person. With the Sexy Liberal Tour she brings her show to the stage where she can speak freely while raising money to support the Resistance movement.

Stephanie Miller Liberal Comedy Tour DVDSexy Liberal Tour 2018

Stephanie Miller
Show Broadcast in Podcast Form


Hear Stephanie Miller and her favorite guests talk the truth in an FCC Regulation free zone. Get and love this podcast series for yoourself!!

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 It is actually getting harder to keep up with the new advertisers joining the resistance

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Read and Be Liberally Educated….Get Stephanie Miller’s Book and Thom Hartman’s too. 2 Latest Books are required reading to keep your liberal views sharp and focused.Here are some underground classics that you may also find helpful. They are behind a page you have to “X” out after viewing and will also come back if you order the extra advertised offer as well…

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