Anti-Trump Resistance Will Empower You to Make America Ours Again

We think it is important for our side to maximize our effectiveness for change through better living. I believe in living better by living louder, but this also requires better health and lifestyle. You ought to trim the fat not just physically, but also in your lifestyle. Get rid of the little things that drain your mental and your financial strength. To this end we try to provide money-saving tips and products. We also supply a source for truthful input for your eyes and ears too.

Hate is a healthy response toward someone who has defamed and/or robbed you. This has risen to an existential threat to our nation and to democratic representative rule of law in the USA. You have a right to your feelings and you are a part of the obvious majority. DO NOT choke down your righteous indigence for a minute! Instead we need to channel our feelings into plans and actions that will bring us to a solution, rather than suffer this criminal Administration to get away with it. Our promise to you is to try our best to keep on top of new books, contacts, strategies, rallying points, and gag props.

Sexy Stephy - Best Podcast in America
Sexy Stephy – Best Podcast in America



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