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If you want actionable steps and trustworthy commentary follow the links below. The political battle for the hearts and minds of our nation is on. Your participation will make the difference between this Trump era continuing to the ruination of the nation or ending it with a shining moment of people power overcoming the monied elites who bear no loyalty to the USA.

If You Don’t Know About Progressive Talk Radio:

You must find a station that airs The Stephanie Miller Show
Let’s reclaim the airwaves from Rush and the echo chamber of derangement syndrome shows. Support the real alternative media.

Search for your local station here.

If you can’t listen over the air then go to TuneIn or install their app, and select WCPT -Chicago’s Progressive Talk AM820
 Internet radio simulcast

Free Speech TV

If you prefer to watch then you can also get progressive talk hosts on Free Speech TV online.
Free Speech TV Channel


Visit my website for the anti-Trump resistance through these links:

This work I’m doing will not be over once Donald Trump is removed from office. The ultimate victory is the removal of all Republicans until they go the way of the Iraqi Ba’ath Party.

Resistance Blog

Full of actionable steps you can take to end the madness. Also read official releases from the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, & Tom Steyer. News from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Also see action alerts from resistance groups MoveOn, Indivisible, Need To Impeach and more to come.
Trump Resistance Blog Posts

Author Malcolm Nance

This is the guy who blew the lid off the Trump-Putin betrayal before Trump was elected. His books tell you how the Russian collusion was done and shares the intelligence community’s recognition of Russian ploys and tactics. He helps you know your enemy, which is crucial to victory.
Malcolm Nance New October 2019 transcript

Rally Supplies

Make your statement have greater impact with a rally costume. Use humor to embarrass the right-wing or shade to  shame them. Stand out while you take a stand for freedom and tolerance.

Rally Gear
Dress up for resistance demonstrations


Gifts You Can Give Liberally

These are gag gifts and fun stuff mined from Amazon to help you share the movement. Use the power of humor to edify friends and influence people. Get your message across the fun way with these ideal bargains.

Fun Resistance

My Take on Bernie

Bernie: Love him or not, you should read my take on his candidacy and an important lesson to the Democratic Party. Keep the party indivisible at the DNC with instant VP selection of the 2nd place candidate.
Bloomberg -too late for the Party


Nixon quit before he got as far as Trump to impeachment and removal

Content from these campaigns is repeated online gratis as a public service of


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