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When Trump Removes the ACA People Will DIE


Legislators call it a poison pill when politicians put bad loopholes or self defeating text into a new and necessary law. It is a way to force some bad to be voted for along with the good. Republicans did this to Obamacare when they knew they couldn’t prevent health care reform. Now Democrats hope they can legislate away these nasty bugs, along with adding some actual improvement adjustments. But this isn’t just a federal legislation issue. The Republican syndicate has their operatives in State governments trying to sabotage the ACA at their level. So, to have governors conspire with DC partisans to undermine Obamacare, what can you call that? A poison pharmacy? It seems the whole aim of Mr. Trump is to undo anything Obama accomplished. If they can’t  repeal Obamacare, the tweaks and cuts aim to make it possible to use your health insurance just as if it were post Obamacare America.


There’s A New Policy Coming

Their new health policy is “Just die quickly!” to old and young alike If you don’t have healthcare insurance coverage today then you need to get a life insurance policy to protect your family in case you die with debt or an unpaid mortgage. A sudden death isn’t just an emotional strain but a financial one. Trump shows no real concern for public health and safety for the average American, let alone the needy and the disabled. Going after the accomplishments of President Obama is a partisan grudge chore by a man on a mission from bad talk radio.

Now a life insurance policy is even more important. So if you can’t get a reliable health care plan, maybe you should look into a life insurance plan now to not die in debt, unable to even pay to be buried.

Your Necessary Medical Supplies Might NOT Be Covered

Are there any special things you use on a daily basis to cope with some disability you have? Do you plan to convalesce at home to stay out of a hospital bed? Would a prosthetic or compression garment help you be more comfortable and independent? What you need will not matter if the restraints are taken off the industry of health care and health equipment providers. Stock up on your present and predicted items while price controls under Obamacare are still able to keep prices low.

Legal Struggles

Sometimes your healthcare carrier or provider treat you unfairly. There is a great motivation to deny care or cut costs or to inflate billing. You must be willing to protect your interests and demand every bit of care you paid for in your medical policy. You will need to hire a lawyer that specializes in Medicare law and/or insurance and contract law that is ready to back up your legal claim in court.

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You ought to stock up on medical supplies like catheters and such before prices change for them too


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