Healthcare Crisis coming If Trump Repeals Obamacare

Healthcare Crisis Coming If Trump Repeals Obamacare

Obamacare at risk of repeal healthcare crisis coming
Health Crisis Alert

What Are Trump and the Republicans Trying To Do To Repeal Obamacare? and Why?

Obamacare will end, and then what? How to get prepared for a medical disaster before it’s too late.

health care healthcare Dump Trump impeach him for trying to repeal Obamacare
Not My President in Russian #TrumpRussia

What happens if Trump ends Obamacare? Then where are we to go for pre-existing coverage? DO you have private medical insurance coverage? Do Republicans care if they cause a national health care crisis? Trump is going to get Obamacare repealed if it kills him too. He wants to repeal it and he doesn’t even know why.
While waiting for the next time Trump tweets comments on how he wants to repeal Obamacare, we ought to get ready today. If we want to keep our level of health care coverage, we face having to change our health insurance plans.

It’s A Law That Protects Medical Care Consumers

Obamacare provides a regulated health care insurance marketplace. If you need a new policy due to a relocation or life change, where will you go to get health coverage if you never had health insurance or life insurance before. Caretakers have nervous clients who worry they can’t find good insurance after the end of Obamacare. Health is better than wealth, but the politicians in DC would rather have a tax cut big enough to pay cash for their doctors while hundreds of thousands get denied access or are unable to buy expensive new policies with no consumer protections in them. Meanwhile, for the rest of America, hospital bill and health insurance policy rip-offs are back. Get ready to make a stand for good health but first, learn how to get prepared for the upcoming changes.

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The ACA (Obamacare) was never a government health care plan or delivery system

It is a crucial series of consumer protections that restrain the greed and corruption of the health insurance industry in exchange for a 100% market participation for their insurance policies. Part of capturing the entire market includes insuring those previously denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Medicare expansion by all the States is the other key to making healthcare reform work by skimming off the lowest income people who aren’t as profitable for the big insurance companies. For-profit companies simply don’t want to write medical coverage policies for that customer group. So it falls on a non-profit entity to provide that insurance. That requires a pooling of resources to make an impossible burden become easily manageable. That is a legitimate task for our government to perform as part of its duty to preserve the Commons when individuals can’t afford to. In this case the Common asset of public is health and safety.

Now that quid pro quo deal has been nearly destroyed. So if the insurance companies can’t get their market share up then they will defy the consumer protections. Access is all about affordability. Insurers and hospitals alike can be on board with a policy that keeps patients alive so they can pay their premiums and deductibles off. There’s no profit in a dead patient, or people who should have been patients. The government never took control of the means of providing of health care, it just forced the insurance companies to give much better policies and lower the price of coverage.

Here’s The GOP Health Care Policy – Don’t get sick

healthcare crisis is coming get prepared for it
Follow the MONEY

What are Trump and the Republicans doing to end Obamacare and it’s mandatory health care plan standards of customer service? Ever since the New Deal progressives in government lifted the American people out of the dust bowl era poverty they had a nemesis in the corporatist wing of the Republican Party. They are mainly motivated by the money making aspect of any policy, not how it effects public health and the homestead economy. While tired parents try to keep the home fires burning, the greedy politicians are burning the whole house down.

It’s time to protect yourself and then get active so the politicians wake up and take notice that the people want them to work for us and to get back to legitimate legislative work now!

Obamacare for health care insurance women deserve equal coverage for equal pay
Women deserve equal coverage for equal pay

Being a woman is a pre-existing condition

Because women pay much more and require more regular attention from the system. Yet, they have to pay extra or risk their feminine health issues may not be covered. Women deserve equal coverage for their money as compared with what men pay. Women require more preventative care and women are the ones who get pregnant. If a new mother can’t get paid maternity leave then that adds another layer of stress to reduce the healthiness of the woman and her baby. There are problems that will come back for women after Obamacare is gone.

Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know




A National Health Care Crisis is coming if Trump still wants to repeal Obamacare

Now Trump and his gang think they have undermined Obamacare enough that it won’t survive. However, the States that worked with the ACA and expanded Medicaid are doing much better than the Republican controlled States. SO it is from a deluded viewpoint that Trump thinks Obamacare would fail “on it’s own” which can be decoded to mean “if left alone” and an end to this scheme federally.

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But based on the popularity of the many health care consumer protections -thinking it is bound to fail is just wishful and malicious thinking on the part of Donald Trump. The New York Times covers it in this article…


Tearing down Obamacare was in the GOP pipeline long before it became law.
They are on a course that leads to a health care system disaster with no ability to see or care about the danger ahead. This may be because they need to believe their own lies to try to keep them alive. They just want to win their partisan political grudge chore. They always choose the Party over the People. How would our representatives look if they had to wear jackets with patches from all their sponsors, like the drivers at NASCAR races do. It would at least let us know what they went to Washington to do, honestly show us who they serve.


One thing is for sure, you want to do anything you can to get out of being in a hospital room. That means you need to prepare in advance to provide disability care at home to avoid those fat hospital bills. If you save the money on hospitals you help keep costs down for everyone. So think about your present and future needs and click and look around Home Healthcare.

Making it possible to have health care and stay with family instead of in a hospital
Making it possible to stay with family instead of in a hospital

You may see products that you may not know about that can really make home hospice work. It may offer some great gift ideas for your elderly or disabled loved ones. Home health care is a great way to keep connected with loved ones in the most comfortable surroundings.


If they had their way, Trump and his clown car of Republican legislators would eradicate our social safety nets and more

obamacare repeal medication drug prices impeach trump
When Trump Removes the ACA People Will DIE


  • Obamacare (the A.C.A.)
  • Medicare
  • Public education
  • Workers pensions
  • Social Security retirement funds

So you’d better get an insurance policy while you still can
or you could just be denied any health coverage.
Read on to get help during the coming health care insurance crisis.

If you are over 65 then follow this link for help protecting yourself and loved ones

If under 65 then look below for the story about the dangers of repealing Obamacare and shop around for the best price on health insurance plans while you still can!

 Health and Life Insurance Quotes for Free

 Medicare Plans Compared -Just enter Zip Code

Go Here for supplemental insurance

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 Health Care Insurance Crisis May Be Unavoidable

They really are forcing us into a national crisis over this…

What Happens If Obamacare Is Repealed?
Will You Be Ready For The Coming Health Care Crisis?

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