Medical Supplies May Become Scarce & Too Expensive

The Medical Supplies You Rely On May Also Not Be Covered

Medical supplies. You don’t take them for granted but you are used to having them around. Those special bandages, test gear, supports, meters, helpers and prosthetic aids you rely on to get through the day living with chronic conditions and progressive illnesses. Your access to them may be put in doubt too with the cuts that are being proposed in Medicare and Medicaid.

People need to prepare for the changes that are happening through the cutting off of funding for Medicare, Planned Parenthood, Free Clinics and the like. This means if you can make your purchases for medical supplies and equipment now you would be much better off.

What are the special things you use on a daily basis to cope with some disability you have? Do you plan to convalesce at home to stay out of a hospital bed? Would a prosthetic or compression garment help you be more comfortable and independent? What you need will not matter if the restraints are taken off the industry of health care and health equipment providers. Stock up on your present and predicted items while price controls under Obamacare are still able to keep prices low.

These Medical Devices May Become Scarce & Too Expensive


There are many Providers of portable oxygen equipment and other mobility aids. Breathing is the number one sign of life so access to an oxygen supply is a s basic a need as it gets.  May come in handy when we hold our breath waiting for the next attempt on ending Obamacare to have pure oxygen in it.



Scooters & Walkers

Bobcat Scooter Medical Supply Depot Seniors today are more mobile and want to be self sufficient and to travel to enjoy retirement. Scooters a re a great way to get fresh air and sunshine while accomplishing tasks that require a short trip. They can go golfing or use it just to enjoy a jaunt around the neighborhood.

Get your Bobcat Scooter starting at $735! Get yours Today!



Adaptive Clothing
Adaptive clothing garments

Silvert’s Clothes designed to make living with a disability easier and more self reliant. Clothing that features Velcro openings, plenty of slack, openings for prosthetic aids and monitoring gear and pockets in the right places. Being able to dress and undress yourself is good for your well being. Velcro shoes and compression socks are great for swelling control with comfort.



Whatever this thingie is…

High tech medical equipment at homeDefibrillators & Accessories. Free Shipping Over $75 at Medical Supply Depot!

Free Shipping for Diabetic Supply Orders Over $75 at Medical Supply Depot!

Free Shipping on Ostomy Supplies above $75 – Shop Now!!!

 Medical Supply Depot



Monitoring Systems

Don't let this be your downfall
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Get Personal safety protection. Every 20 minutes an elderly person falls and needs attention. Be Secure in your home and when you travel. Be Able To Call Help Instantly With A Monitoring Device.

You can’t afford to have a nurse or therapist with you 24 / 7 but you can afford to have a lifeline connection.
There are secure safety solutions to prevent an accident from becoming a tragedy. Monitoring never sleeps or takes a break.


Medic Alert Smart Watch is a body monitor that can predict a heart attack. This Wrist device monitors several key medical biometric indicators at once.

  Get body monitoring



Bath Safety Accessories

Don't fall in the tub or out of the tub Medical Supply Depot Bath floors and porcelain tubs can be hazardous when wet. You will stay in control with their line of safety products.
Bath bars come in many varieties now. One helps you use the toilet and the shower in a single space-saving pole. 

Get Bath lifts starting at $489 at Get yours Today! 



Diabetic Supplies and Accessories

Total Diabetes Supply

Free Shipping for Diabetic Supply Orders Over $75 Shop Now!

From old and familiar to state of the art, there is a diabetes test kit for you here.



Emergency Med Kit

Star of life - could be youFirst Responder bag from Medical Supply Depot!

When cities and municipalities cut back on services and clinics close, where will you go?
Stay where you are because help is already there in the hands of your loved one or caregiver.
Be equipped to help in an emergency situation.

Be a hero when there’s no help in an emergency


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