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Why are people getting excited about hemp foods? Hemp seed is the most well balanced source of essential fatty acids and is the best grain for baking. In over 2 decades of legal availability to the American market, the seed of the healthy cannabis plant is still under utilized.

Hemp Nutrition

The nutrition is basically the same with seed from industrial and smoking strains of cannabis. Hemp seed and hemp nut foods should reclaim their rightful share of the general food market as the recreational use becomes legal in the USA. Consumers may perceive that all of the profit potential in the recreational market, but the big money will be in industrial hemp.

People Need Food

People may get by without biodegradable plastic containers and bags, but they must eat. The hemp foods industry can replace our system of unhealthy additives and chemical-tainted grains with safe farms and supper tables. Hemp can advance sustainable farming not just as a harvest but also as a rotation crop or as a soil reclamation crop. As an energy crop hemp doesn’t even need to grow to maturity.

Hemp At Berkshire Hathaway

I was at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting meeting people from all over. I talked with some urban Chinese businessmen and asked them if they ever saw cannabis growing in China. They said they were aware of pot smoking and also that hemp grew in the rural areas. Farmers allowed cannabis to hem in all the rice fields and waterways. They would also tend separate plants for medicine. I told them that tonnes of hemp seed was imported to the U.S. from China. The Chinese businessmen didn’t know that this food source was not being exploited. Our people there need food! They said.

 Try Some Hemp 

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