Startup Business Credit Cards That Worked For Me

Startup Business Credit Cards That Worked For Me

Here’s the basic information about the top 3 business credit cards that have worked for me. These are the best startup business credit lines you should apply for and get first. I’ll compare them based on my experiences getting, keeping and features I noticed. The commercial credit cards in this list all worked for me in building my company in it’s crucial first 3 years. I wouldn’t still have a company today without them. Also, yes, you can business credit card for personal use. You should not use a personal credit card for business expenses. You need to make many business card payments to build your corporate credit score. Thus, if you need to carry a balance, do it on a corporate credit card because that doesn’t harm your business or personal credit scores.

Business Credit Cards for Startup Companies
The business cards to get first

You can apply for each business credit card online application and even get bonuses with my affiliate links provided for you on this page. These are recognized as the the best business credit cards for small businesses that need a revolving line of credit. These can be applied for online for your DBA (Doing Business As), LLC (Limited Liability Corp), or corporation.

Chase Ink VISA Business Unlimited

This card was the most recommended to me as a new business owner. The limit starts small, but scales up with your business usage.

Chase Bank has business credit

I like that it is a bank local to me and is a national bank

Cash out at branch offices

Ultimate Rewards points and cash bonuses

Pay bill with cash at branch office- when you are apart from the way you pay online

Their website is easy to navigate for maintaining multiple Chase Bank cards

Get your application in here


Capital One Spark

This was the first to accept me. I was 7 years past a bankruptcy and all my credit history (paid car loans, mortgage) fell of the record. So I had zero credit history when I applied. Credit Karma had my rating as 575. They will raise or cut down your spending limit based on annual reviews. The highest limit I got was $10,000. Their personal credit card with introductory 0% interest period is good for business use.

CLICK HERE For A CapitalOne Business Credit card  That Worked For Me

I like that you can draw decent-sized cash Advances

Managing cards is easy with them on their website

The interest rates are reasonable

$50 statement credit after you use a new card

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American Express

A good company to have multiple cards with. Once you get a personal card with some use history, it is the easiest to get approved for. You can have a gold card to pay emergency costs, especially when traveling. Then have a clear card for personal credit and then get a corporate line of revolving credit too. You should have a score of 670 before you apply for gold and 700 for platinum cards. Apply for a credit card and a charge card on the same day i.e. a Blue Simply Cash credit card and a Gold charge card.

AMEX commercial business credit for new company

I like the one site card management for multiple cards

Widely accepted for business services, status symbol

Able to charge over your limit on NET30 terms

Cash back for selected vendor payments you do already

Pay utilities, advertising, supplier and track transactions easier

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With these lines of credit for your business you can build your company credit profile with every basic startup business expense. Buy your office equipment, place utility deposits, pay utility bills and vendors. Anything you can do to build up a collection of payment experiences, which is the main factor in business credit scores.

That’s it for my list of startup business credit cards

easy to get approved for commercial credit cards

Be Careful What Mail Or Internet Offers You Respond To

There are credit card companies you should avoid, do not apply for these business credit cards.

Credit One -a bad knockoff of Capital One with loan shark interest and lots of needless fees to sign up. Website errors lead you to pay your monthly bills over the telephone with a fee.

Master Card Black (or Gold) -imitating the look of the AMEX Black Card, the similarities stop there. Huge annual and other fees, 30% interest. Don’t let the slick website distract you from what a bad deal it is.

Red Bud EX101 LLC corporate startup credit sources
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