About Us

About Us

About Motiv8ionN8ion.com

Motiv8ionN8ion means Motivation Nation. This is not a site about just one thing. This is a hub site for topical pages with helpful articles. There is also a blog attached to this site called Blogette With Jamie.

The blog has articles that are a stream of consciousness of the corporate entity, Red Bud Inn Inc. and subsidiaries. Posts are informed by the needs of guests to our Air BnB guests at the Inn. The intention is to present to our motel guests, as well as any other site users, to useful utilities. This way the site can provide a way for our guests to:

  • Find local amusements and attractions.
  • Watch TV over Wifi.
  • Learn more about Nature Box and other providers of amenities we provide.
  • Reward companies that have done work on our buildings with reviews.
  • Reward companies that helped build our business with referrals.
  • Healthy living information to keep our guests healthy so they can come back.
  • Explore new ideas and technologies for better living.
  • Engage in important national issues.
  • Connect with us in social media.

This site also caters to the general internet populace. For this audience the goal is self improvement that leads to greater improvements in society and culture. In this way we seek to motivate and edify our nation. That’s why we call the site Motivation Nation. We changed the “at” to “8” to be in hipster text message style.

It’s About Time To Surf 

So don’t hang out on this page. Dive in and see for yourself what we’re about and leave comments where available. We love to get feedback and requests.

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