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  • Malcolm Nance On Stephanie Miller Show: Corona Confusion July 8, 2020
    Malcolm Nance On Stephanie Miller Show: Corona Confusion – Read how the Trump Administration and Republican enablers are taking advantage of the confusion they have stirred up to distract Americans while they steal, and dismantle our Nation’s resources. In this ...
  • A Busy Court Day – Jill Wine-Banks Talks With Stephanie Miller May 17, 2020
    With Judge Sullivan considering a refusal of Trump’s get out of jail free card play on Michael Flynn. Plus the US Supreme Court phoning in their proceedings to force Trump’s foreign bank backers to show their copy of the Trump ...
  • Malcolm Nance Speaks In Panel At Miami Book Fair May 26, 2020
    Donald Trump in some way shape or form, for some reason is in debt to Vladimir Putin. I don’t know what it is. Maybe he still thinks he’s getting Trump Tower 2.0 out of it. This is a man who ...
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  • You Want Kamala For Biden’s VP- Here’s Why August 4, 2020
    Sources say that he may choose Kamala Harris! Tell The Democratic Turnout Project What You Think But without the support of the American people, a Biden/Harris ticket wouldn’t stand a chance against Trump and Pence. The post You Want Kamala For Biden’s VP- Here’s Why appeared first on Trump Resistance Help Alliance.
  • Biden VP Choice Needs Your Input In Close Contest July 5, 2020
    Time is running out and several great women are in a close competition for the VP choice. Who's the best at policy, campaigning, readiness to be President, or appeal. Did you hear? just endorsed Joe Biden for the Democratic Presidential Candidate! Sign up and get a Biden Blue Wave Sticker The post Biden VP […]
  • The Last 4th of July With Donald Trump July 4, 2020
    Celebrate The Last 4th of July With Donald Trump in syle. Know that you don't live in he worldview of the cult of the Republican't Party The post The Last 4th of July With Donald Trump appeared first on Trump Resistance Help Alliance.
  • Donald Trump Chicken Wire Fence Kit June 5, 2020
    HELP!!! The White House Is Surrounded! Donald Trump Needs This Chicken Wire Fence Kit! Use the handy links inside to make a statement from home. The post Donald Trump Chicken Wire Fence Kit appeared first on Trump Resistance Help Alliance.

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The Plot To Destroy Democracy author Malcolm Nance

The Plot To Destroy Democracy –
author Malcolm Nance

“My problem is that one third of this nation has decided that they will follow a man. Washington himself warned about American tyrants. The founding fathers talked about a president who would become a monarch like right and that the three separate but coequal branches of government would be the guardrails. But now we have the second branch of government, we have the Congress, which has decided to become the lap dog of a man. Right, not to the
Constitution I stand for. The Constitution. I don’t know about you guys, you didn’t have a Fox News when Nixon was around. As people have said, Nixon might have survived. Roger Ailes said he would create Fox News all right. He told Nixon that we need our own media, and from this sprung Fox News and now it has become proper like a communist propaganda channel. That’s how chilling are these headlines are in fact. Cuz you know Media Matters does a good job. You know, rounding up. Obviously there’s clips and all that. Sean Hannity people at the highest level in the DOJ and the FBI must be investigated must be indicted and probably many of them thrown in jail. Lou Lou Dobbs calls for US Marshals to take top people in the Justice
Department and FBI into custody. Lou Dobbs it may be time to declare war outright against the deep state. Rush Limbaugh said the deep state may have faked Saddam WMD evidence to damage George W Bush. Sean Hannity accuses the deep state of an attempted coup says this makes Watergate look like stealing a Snickers. Those words are sedition. You just said about this civil warrant. The guy that just tried to go shoot up CNN in Atlanta. He said you’re fake news you’re fake news! Glenn Beck, back when he was on his rants on CNN when he said that very early on in the Obama administration the the DEA the BATF they’re coming to take your guns. Well in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a man heard that got all of his guns did a hostage barricade with his mother in his house. And then he wanted the SWAT team to come he killed the first three officers then stepped through the door. This is going to increase. This is destabilizing the fabric of the nation all right and that’s what I fight for. I don’t care what your opinion is you know, I don’t care what what party you’re from. You must stand for America first.”

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