Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance After Obamacare

Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance, as with other aspects of healthcare, is going to become insanely expensive after Obamacare if Trump and the Republicans have their way.
They can be stalled but they can’t be persuaded. They aim to legislate the most profitable environment for insurance and drug companies at the expense of the sick, handicapped and chronically ill. The retired are among the most vulnerable, but they also have the free time to become the most politically active. This is our best hope to avoid a healthcare crisis unless the millennial generation wakes up to the realities of an issue they may not think involves them.
Trump and his Republican followers won’t give up their delusional partisan view of the Obama legacy.


SO what are we going to do right now?

You have to do something about this upcoming crisis sooner rather than later. Supplemental insurance has always been around, for instance. It comes from employers who offer “Cadillac Healthcare Plans” or additional coverage like a dental supplemental policy you would buy separately. You will want a provider that is honest so you won’t need the services of a healthcare lawyer or Social Security attorney to get them to fulfill their policy when you make a claim. That is why the selection process should be as thorough as it is careful. It can take a lot of time getting health, life and supplemental insurance before the consumer protections are stripped away. People waste a lot of time on hold calls to providers and long internet comparisons searching from one insurance carrier to the next and next. You could look everywhere for a supplement to Medicare while never being sure you saw all the best options. It can get very frustrating. I know my eyes glaze over after two pages into a policy statement. Use the internet to save yourself from wasted time and effort in your search.

Medicare Plans – Compare and combine medical policies for complete coverage

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Now you will need to compare rates
from a lot of companies

to find the best combination of
coverage, rates, and deductible.

Then go sign up for that missing area of protection.


The next step is to prepare for the worst.

So let’s say you can’t get the care you need, get priced out of needed medication or there’s a sudden accident at the hospital. Access to medical professionals is an expensive common need. Thus one that can’t be delivered without all of us sharing of the expenses. That’s not socialism or communism -that’s just community. It is a lifelong issue that can pop up in your life no matter what your age. Are you uninsured or under insured because of the cost of a health insurance plan, you should click here and compare again. Don’t just take an insurance salesman’s word, check for yourself and make the insurance companies compete for your business.

But now, consider what you end up needing if you can’t get into a surgery room for a procedure you never expected you would need…

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