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Help For Eating Healthy !
Building a healthy body begins
with what you are eating… 

People are uncertain about what is needed for eating healthy because that information is scarce. Therefore, we need tips and tricks to sidestep food-borne illness and  lack of nutrition. I’ve collected some guides to overcome the most common food based dilemmas people face. I will continue to add more as I find them to save you time searching through book seller sites

so keep checking back.

recipes you can use your sugarless chocolate and syrups in.
Raw Foods Recipes
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Body Issues ?!?

How to lose belly fat or any other stubborn body issue that just doesn’t seem to stay away with just exercise. Yes, friends, it takes more than daily activity sometimes. It takes a ground up approach. You are what you eat. Especially when you are limited by what you eat.


How to get back your energy and cleanse your digestive tract without doctors, drugs and painful operations. Your body has been designed to pretty much help itself, but you have to get out of the way of progress. It is so common for people to interfere with bad eating habits and a diminished food supply.

I found the following resources to have key self improvement strategies.

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Learn them and apply them to your lifestyle for better health and happiness.

Bugs In Your Belly?!?

Stop Bacteria That Makes You Fat -Click Here
Stop Bacteria That Makes You Fat -Click Here

Parasitic organisms act like a whole body yeast infection that saps energy by eating up your internal sugars, which leads to craving more sugar intake to compensate. This is often the result of not eating healthy. When your gut bacteria becomes unbalanced, for any number of causes due to our corrupted food supply, Candida takes over and spreads from the gut to almost the entire body. However, this is a reversible condition which can be handled by starving the Candida and promoting the symbiotic life  back to dominance. I suggest a low carb diet and use of probiotics, which can be as simple as substituting yogurt for your breakfast and lunch every day for at least two months as a good start. Of course there will still be a need for total spectrum probiotic supplementation as well. If you are going to use probiotics, be sure to up your intake of leafy greens and vegetables to provide a fertile bed for intestinal fauna and flora to grow in. Also try to use fruit and fruit-sourced sugars instead of refined sugars to satisfy your desire your sweet tooth. An additional benefit comes from eating juicy fruit because it hydrates your cells and is a natural water filter and ph balancer.

Our bodies are supposed to be host to outside organisms and has checks and balances in place to create the healthful state we desire. Our diet is often working against us as the American processed food industry sells us too much additional sugar, salt, chemicals and nutrient deficient products. It’s not just fast food that makes us fat and tired. Shop locally for vegetables at farmer’s markets and roadside stands and always ask for organically grown produce. Avoid packing your digestive tract with red meats that sit and putrefy for months and foster harmful bacteria. The difference with vegetables is that when they decay they do so quickly and promote useful bacteria.

Eating Healthy

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Eating for Better Or For Worse?

You thought you were eating healthy but are you actually just making your fat cells SICK??
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We’ve heard that Diabetes can be conquered by eating right, but are left wondering how to do it.
Get and Read – The Type 2 Diabetes Escape Plan 

Are you feeding your body or are you really feeding unwanted guests in your digestive tract??
Get Relief from Candida Albicans Hidden Digestive Disease

Another way to attack Candida, with a cookbook


eat healthy recipes
Raw Foods Recipes
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