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Turmeric – Benefits To Your Health


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This is about the health benefits of Turmeric. This product is a powerful Turmeric extract complex designed for safe and effective use especially for seniors.

After years of exposure to pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals, your body needs help. They come from prescriptions, the water supply, and food additives. Petrochemicals can cause damage to your organs. These are drug side effects that spices don’t cause. 

So to transition, with the help of a well informed physician, from petroleum-based drugs to natural substances can yield superior healthy outcomes.

Be Active and Happy

You don’t have to sit out on life. You can become as active as you must be to maintain an active lifestyle. As with any natural supplement, keep 2 things in mind. First, only add it in a monitored way for the first 2 weeks as you ramp up to the right dosage for your weight. You also have the benefit with spices of testing out its effects when eaten in your meals. Second, drink at least a cup of water with every oral dose or you will not absorb the Turmeric.

Some of the health benefits of Turmeric- BioPerine A Spice that heals for Seniors

Studies are going on all the time on various natural health solutions. Often, other nations are leading in this research. The reason for this is that the legal definition of “drug” which FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) may approve excludes natural substances. They are prevented from being considered as medicine but instead are called “neutriceuticals” or food supplements, which FDA can only regulate as “food” not medicine.
As such, no food or food supplement can be approved by FDA for any medical use claim.

For example, it is illegal to advertise that aloe heals skin burns.

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The following list is based on anecdotal accounts, media-reported information, or from foreign studies. This page is not meant to be taken as anything more than topics that I think deserve further looking into. To use healing spices, you must chart what you are doing on a calendar and seek the aid of a knowledgeable holistic practitioner. You can also consult with a pharmacist about any possible drug interactions. They can occur with food supplement spice extracts and some medications. They can help you determine the minimum effective dosage for your healing spices program.

Reported Uses of Turmeric That Offer Health Benefits

Heal Skin – Closes and mends cuts and burns on the skin. Enzymes in this spice help to clean the wound and speed up the healing.

Stretch Marks – Do you struggle to get rid of ugly stretch marks? You’ll be happy to know that a Turmeric poultice of powder dampened with oil, aloe juice or lemon juice, works when applied to the area. It works even better than cocoa butter!

Weight Loss – Can’t lose the last few inches? The Curcumin in Turmeric is known to help prevent the growth of fat. While a boost to the metabolism burns it away.

Inflammation – Reduces the overactive immune response of inflammation so it doesn’t become a bigger problem. This anti-inflammatory can help control the overall inflammation in your joints and body. Also, turmeric can aid elimination of toxins circulating in your blood. If you do not flush these toxins out of the body, they will lead to further damage in the affected joint area.

Circulation – Improves blood vessel integrity and flow as well as preventing blood vessel maladies.

Diabetes – Tumeric can control excess blood sugar. In fact, too much can chronic use of it can cause low blood sugar.

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Neuropathy – If sugar remains in the blood for a long time, it can kill neurons in the nerve endings, which causes peripheral neuropathy.

Anti-Toxin – Elimination of toxins from the cleansing organs, the liver and kidneys is required to keep them functioning. We put poisonous stuff into our bodies faster than our unaided channels of excretion work.  The liver secretes hormones, plays a role in your body weight, and it helps to filter the blood. So frequent use of turmeric cleanses the liver.

Heart Health – Can reduce the risk of heart disease the same way it helps blood vessels, plus the heart benefits of good circulation. Ask your doctor about how turmeric can help to regulate your blood pressure. This prevents injury to the vessel walls and lowers the risk of a stroke.

Ageing – Restore longevity lost due to improper diet and environment. A powerful antioxidant can stop the wrinkles from forming.

Concentration – Increased oxygen to the brain ads focus, plus other beneficial effects keep you sharp.  Turmeric may also be useful against Alzheimer’s disease.

Mood – Again, increased oxygen to the brain lifts fogginess and emotional symptoms. Many people discover that their medications create more problems. If you replace them with natural substances, the lack of pollution in your brain and blood of metabolized drug pieces will be a very noticeable improvement.

Cancer – This powerful antioxidant that can protect with an anti-inflammatory benefit that may prevent certain types of tumors.

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