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You need to buy an internet domain and get hosting to start blogging. It’s the price of entry into the internet. You are focused on your goals and what you have to say and don’t need to get bogged down in a menu of options. You want to trust that you have the best hosting provider giving you everything you require in one purchase. You just want to get the cheapest website hosting for your blog domain and get it registered fast. In the wide world of internet business, hobby, affiliate networking and social organizing -value is a key factor to consider.

How you can be sure you buy the best deal for hosting?

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Will your cheap domain and hosting provider site work?

You can avoid the surprises you probably didn’t plan for.

I found the host that gives the most features for the base price. I researched around and this is the best deal I’ve found for a one stop solution. Click and compare if you don’t believe me. Or save some time and take advantage of the fact that I looked this up for you. ENJOY!


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What You Will Get With Your Domain Registration and Hosting

Want to make a blog for fun and/or profit by making cash online? Get your website name, best web site hosting easy low cost domain registration. The cost to renew your domain is less also. So one service provider gets you everything you need in place to start blogging. Need a corporate internet presence? Here is your source of affordable URLs, the best deal on domain, free corporate named email accounts that match your domain, and the now necessary SSL Certificate for free. Have multiple URL’s too.

  • The best introductory prices to get you started cheap with a domain name and hosting
  • Affordable annual rates when you continue your registry and hosting
  • Business presence with your corporate named email accounts
  • 1000 sub domain names under your main domain
  • 100% control over your own traffic
  • Online accounting and marketing
  • Email/comment spam filters
  • SSL Certificates and privacy
  • Easy WordPress setup
  • Great customer service
  • Norton™ Security Online
  • MySQL 5 database

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Website Hosting Tips:

Before you get several URLs for expansion and dedicated uses. Ask yourself. Do I need the stuff on the side bars or menus to change for different web sites? If so you need to set up a new web site and not just a new web page. A sub domain will only go so far.

More about having more web pages

Multiply your search presence with multiple sites using variations of your primary niche domain name.
You can also use long domain names and promote them with a URL shortener.
Plus you can get Pay Per View (PPV) revenue at the same time.

When you want to make a blog, make cash online, or broadcast your thoughts you don’t want to worry about knowing every detail to get started. Select and register your internet home or business presence and get all you’ll need in one place. Register multiple urls, and when it’s time to add MySQL 5 database, it’ll already be there and not an added expense. Great service also becomes important when you have to manage multiple websites with different problems.
Have a version of your web site for smart phones and another for tablets. Flexibility is key to internet success.

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Did you ever ask yourself where can I get the best deal for my internet hosting? Is there a cheaper way to get my url registered? Do I really need that memorable 3-6 letter .com when they it is so hard to find that perfectly elegant match to your business or niche or organization? Take it easy on yourself and take a look at the deals offered by 1& I’ve had an excellent time using their platform and ordering system. I plan to expand my internet presence by creating more and more domains to reach out into the URLniverse from my bloggesphere.


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