How We Install LED Shower Lights Into Tile of Shower Surround

HERE’S How To Install LED Lights into A Tile Wall or Ceiling

LED lights are a great way to save electricity while improving performance and value to a home remodeling project. Here we have installed a tile shower surround with string lights and glass tiles producing a strong, white light.

LED Light Strips

Using LED light strips can upgrade the look of bathroom or kitchen. You will save energy and modernize old decor and finishes or add mystery and depth to any room. LED’s are also good for stair and hall safety lighting. Explore the curated Amazon affiliate links selected for this home improvement project.

Use glass, either clear or tinted and cut out tiles or accents for back lit LED designs.

Glass can be used as tiles and lit from behind

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The LED Tile Integration Technique

Installation Method

Use glass tiles and butt them by the side against a waterproof LED strip.

Hold the strip in place and keep it dry with clear or bright white adhesive caulk. Do not use regular caulk or cheap adhesive caulk for this. Do not use hard adhesives or you won’t be able to repair the installation later. Only use good quality “Adhesive Caulk.” This allows the backing on the tiles (usually white) to carry the light through the whole tile. Use adhesive caulk in a way that will allow you to cut out and remove the LED string lights if they ever need replacement.

Subway Lights Design Integrates LED lights into the tile - LED Shower Light
LED On Glass Tile In Ceiling Creates Subway Lights Effect

LEDs can be installed behind glass tiles as a back-lighting shining directly out through the tiles. Try LED strings with very close spacing between LEDs to get an even light spread across the tiles.

Either method works with any glass tiles, but for back lighting the glass should be clear on all sides. Most glass tiles have an applied backing that helps tile adhesion. The backing on the tile ought to be scraped off or the light will be dim. Back lighting may require tinted glass or some means of light diffusion so the lights shine in a uniform manner.


Pins are used to align the LED light string pointed parallel to the glass ceiling tiles. Then the area that shows between the glass tile and the subway field tiles is covered in white adhesive caulk. If you like to finish wet areas with silicone or another caulk, that’s OK. Just put a layer over it two or more days later. Thus the LED lights are hidden until you turn them on.

 LED Shower Light in the unlit and not capped off with ceiling tile
Glass Tiles Hide The LEDs When Off
How LED Lights Integrated into Glass Tile Works
Demonstration of fiber optic effect of LEDs on a glass tile.


See how the whole glass tile lights up.
It will even transmit light to adjacent glass tiles though obviously with some loss of brightness.

This kind of installation can be done with multicolored, programmable and even remote or panel controlled light systems. When selecting a light string at a store, seek out those that can be hard-wired or that have an inline transformer.

Better to cut off and hard wire

Avoid using systems that have a transformer built into the plug end. They are not good for direct wiring into your shower surround tile installation.

That is, unless you want to install a hidden outlet with your LED Lighted shower surround. Which works but that part shouldn’t be hidden.

If you want to use a strip that has the transformer on the plug, then you’ll need to cut it off and use an inline transformer like this for your wire installation to be hidden.

If you’d like an LED integrated tile installation of your own,
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LED light installation into ceramic tile using glass tiles
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