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There was a day when women considered the bras men designed for them were not just a symbol of patriarchal disrespect, they were a pain to wear. They used to burn their bras as a symbol of liberation. The day of national women’s’ rights was coming. Men would no longer have a monopoly control over women’s bodies. Not what goes in then out of them, or what goes on them. The right to vote was the unbinding of the right to choose as well as the right to dress comfortably.

Now it is our patriotic duty to stand up to stop the rise of a new patriarchy as represented by Hillary’s seat warmer, Donald Trump. Women will be taking to the street again and again to push back against the Right Wing Cult that has meshed itself with the plutocrats of the Repugnantcant Party. This mid term, or better said, the upcoming Congressional Elections will be the important first step to the Blue Wave solution. It will take 3 election cycles in 6 years time to accomplish the voting out of office of every Republican.

Whether you’re a kid knowing the GOP sides with the gun nut over your right to not be shot, or a woman who won’t tolerate the roll-back of your privacy and civil liberties, The goal is clear. We must cosign the GOP to the dust bin of history. It should be banned as a criminal racketeering organization like they did the Iraqi Ba’ath party.

So to help you make your point everywhere you are seen, put a T-shirt on that speaks truth to power.
Take the power, before it’s your final hour.


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