TV on Demand Streaming To Your Laptop Computer


This hand sized receiver kit lets you stream media broadcasts.

Cut The Cable and Get Live Streaming Internet TV.
Watch Your Television Channels Anytime Anywhere Online.

All your favorite shows and movies are available on the internet.
On any screen you choose in any or all rooms of your house.

Use this set top box that collects programming from all over the web. It cuts through the ads and frames and just keeps the video. Then it can feed the signals to your Bluetooth tv or even to any old style TVs with a cable adapter. (see below) You can watch on the television or any Bluetooth or wifi device. This will send to wherever you would like, your laptop or desk computer, smart phone, droid, tablet, iWatch or DVR (Digital Video recorder.)

Stop Missing Out !
Get this travel kit to keep you in touch with all your favorite TV and movies

Never miss a TV show episode again. View programs on demand anywhere you get a 30mbps or better WiFi connection.
This device surfs the internet constantly without another computer. So you can keep up with news and events.

This is the best way to watch live stream sports from anywhere in the world and the USA.
Watch Pro football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey…
Binge watch your favorite HDTV broadcast network TV show series.
Streaming Brings Sports TV to You Anywhere


Lots of free channels to view plus all the streaming services, many with free trail offers you can use.
Save on the mobile TV system decoder box by buying a refurbished unit! Lots of deals to shop around for inside.
So that’s it. The best prices on the best traveler’s internet TV and movies solution.

Get Yours Today.

Shop For Your Streaming TV Travel Kit CLICK HERE
Shop For Your Streaming TV Travel Kit CLICK HERE


What else would you like to stream live online?

News channels from the United States, Great Britain, and all over the world will be yours.
Every one of the faith-based channels like 3ABN and Trinity for a lifetime of family television and worship.
American and foreign situation comedy, arts and thought-provoking programming.
Every University, PBS and other education broadcast station will be available.

Cable is just awful. So stream TV!

The cable and satellite guys try to sell you wiring and converter box installation for every room. Your home WIFI can deliver individual programming to every room in the house.

Storms, auto accidents, fires and wildlife are among the plethora of things that can break your cable connection. Live streaming TV isn’t interrupted by any of them.

Dishes can be damaged in lots of ways. Their signal can be degraded by rain and snow. Internet TV has no moving parts to break.

A dish can become misaligned, fall down and otherwise get pointed the wrong way. The internet is omnidirectional.

Long cables are not necessarily safe to have in your home. Nobody ever accidentally strangled themselves on a live stream television connection. ‘Nuf said.

Installing cable involves drilling holes into your house and through your walls. Same for the satellite , except it usually requires screwing holes into your roof. Bad idea. The internet won’t harm your house or pets.

HDMI to RCA adapter for older tv watchers


You may need this adapter for getting your streaming signal into your old-school TVs.
So you can order this HDMI to R/L/Video converter to connect your laptop. If you have a cell phone you can stream to other devices with Bluetooth, or Wifi, using a free app.



Why Do I Love Streaming My TV Channels?

I like to have access to live news and sporting events and be able to binge watch entire seasons of current or past TV shows. Of course, there are also plenty of movies available on demand. I like to stream video from my laptop to any hotel television.

I like to travel

So do all my friends. When we do we want the comforts of home whether in a resort in Panama or a Tepee in South Dakota. We bring our office where we go and store live recordings into the cloud. So we want to watch movies and even our local TV networks on the go too.

With internet television it is possible to stream news and entertainment on demand. You can send a movie from your phone to any TV with an USB port using USB plug in receivers. If your TV has Bluetooth or WiFi capability the connection can be made with your phone after downloading a free streaming app . That way, this kind of app can let you use a TV as a larger screen for your phone. Pretty neat! I’m not naming any app now because I don’t know when you will be reading this. Because apps can come and go so its best to search out your free “stream to TV” app yourself.

There’s also a no-equipment needed solution

Amazon Prime Video

This is true free steaming content on demand. Not for live networks other than news channels. It costs a little more per month, but it’s ready to go any time any place with WiFi of 30mbps or better. (most commercial free wifi hotspots can do this) So, just get a subscription and search and watch.

Click here for their 30-day Trial Offer

Amazon Prime streaming video tv movies news sports

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