Tblisi Ibogaine Clinic In Georgia Is Ready To Stop Addiction

Tblisi Ibogaine Clinic In Georgia Is Ready To Stop Addiction

The newest ibogaine clinic is in Tblisi, Georgia. It is now supplied with ibogaine and ready to stop addiction in the former Soviet Union.

Because of Ibogaine For The World, ibogaine manufacture and standardized clinics are taking root. The addiction antidote treatment ibogaine is being well established in countries that are serious, not theocratic, about solving the addiction problem.
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Get in on the ground floor of a disruptive healing technology, while it’s making history.

David Subeliani

David Subeliani is a well-known drugs activist in Tbilisi, so his ibogaine treatment got on local tv. After this, Corey Pierce (the other fellow in the picture) is going to Katmandu. We have ibogaine in Georgia for 40-45 treatments

Iboga is a plant medicine from Gabon in Africa and it has a really amazing effect on addiction.

When will the USA get serious about combatting addiction and take the funds needed to complete FDA approval of this drug from out of the DEA’a budget?

Iboga is a plant medicine from Gabon, Africa. It has a really amazing effect on addictions PTSD, metabolic stress, traumatic anxiety. Most well known as being super effective on addiction. Superior in effectiveness against addiction than any commercially available in America. Efficacy measurements depend on how you define success. The various numbers very. People safely say ibogaine stops addiction at a 60 to 80% success rate. Compared to mainstream rehabs with a 40% to 7% success rate. Ibogaine For The World seeks to reverse any kind of addiction. From opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, nicotine, alcohol, right across the board. If it’s a chemical addiction in your brain, it will correct immediately. It’s like a chemical reset. All addiction is based in trauma.

It’s not what drugs you’re on. It’s what made you go on whatever you’re on.
John Lennon.

People don’t just become addicted for no reason. They usually have some kind of trauma that they’re trying to self-medicate. It turns into an addiction. In that action, certain receptors in your brain get shut off. Then the addiction is essentially, one to one protein receptor. Bound and then you can’t replace it. Because other steps aren’t turned on. So the iboga turns all receptors on. So that signal doesn’t get stuck on the same receptor. As all alternate receptors are open. So really, the addiction vanishes within 45 minutes you’re not addicted to anything anymore, but you have to hang around for six or eight hours where you’re tripping out. Then you have to have insomnia for a few days. It’s the United States, Switzerland, the UK, France who remain illegal, but most countries it’s not. it’s a gray area. Never criminalized. It’s not illegal. It’s not anything. It’s not even recognized.

Ibogaine For The World

GDNF on brain cell growth
GDNF in action

Although marginalized, because of prohibition in the United States. For example, Hunter, Joe Biden’s son. Son of the President of the United States. Hunter Biden had a crack issue here, a crack addiction. He went to Mexico, did iboga treatment and after treatment he was not addicted to crack.

Iboga is an excellent way of ending an addiction. Also a healthy, natural way. Non toxic. The results are just amazing.

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Tblisi -Ibogaine For The World is making and treating with ibogaine

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