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Get off the grid with a free energy system for your home or rental property.
Use the power, or sell it back to your electric company.

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Solar Sterling Heat Transfer Engine Power Plant

It’s a solar energy focusing power generator makes electricity from any heat source. Using the sun’s heat makes this a great option for getting your house off the grid. You can make your own out of that rusty, useless satellite dish. Don’t have one? There’s lots of people wanting to get rid of theirs every day for free.

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solar sterling engine runs on heat

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Solar-powered Stirling Engine History

Solar dish powered sterling engine generatorThe heat-powered Stirling engine was patented by Roelf Meijer in 1987. This invention involves a heat engine, such as a Stirling cycle engine, with a light focusing solar dish collector that generates a pinpoint of heat to drive the engine for producing electricity. The dish is used for the same principle that makes weak microwatt TV signals concentrated enough to be read by the satellite reliever. But this uses solar rays instead of radio waves to power a piston engine.

the Stirling engine offers the advantage of being exceptionally quiet when running.

Today the Stirling engine is commonly used for Concentrated Solar Power systems. A mirrored dish, which can be made from any large satellite dish, aims and concentrates sun light onto a heat sensitive receiver. The heat is absorbed and a fluid, or other medium like a gas, transfers it into the Stirling engine. The resulting heat exchange results in mechanical power. This is useful to run a small generator or alternator to produce electric power.

How does this compare with internal combustion engines?

Unlike internal combustion engines, Stirling engines have the potential to use renewable heat sources instead of petroleum products. They are quieter, operate more reliably, put off less heat, create zero pollution, all with lower maintenance. They are preferred for many applications. I’ll just discuss its use in off the grid home energy solutions right now. When the cost per unit energy generated is important then the Sterling solar collector offers great low cost per unit power. On this basis, Stirling engines are cost competitive up to about 100 kW[Says Wikipedia #71]


Heat driven piston engines

New energy electrical generation is more important every year. Today, global oil reserves are running out while plentiful energy sources that are incompatible with the internal combustion engine pile up as waste. Not just solar energy, but biomass from agricultural waste and domestic trash. In these animations the red is heat from the solar ray collector which is focused on the motor. So as heat is transformed into kinetic energy, the color turns blue for cooler.

This is the part of the system that comes pre-made for you.

Check these facts out at Wikipedia
Solar-powered Stirling engine – Wikipedia


Sundance Solar Lab Electricity Learning Kit

Learn Alternative Energy
Learn Alternative Energy – Science of Power

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wind or heat from waste material can generate electricity
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