Tiger Lady

Tiger Lady Self Defense Accessory

 For any of the women in your life as well as for yourself.

Tiger Lady ProtectsFor the sense of security and empowerment it gives it is a key addition to any purse or clutch. With all the grace and mystique of some foggy tropical realm of the Far East, it comes glinting through the shadows with the force of sharp cold steel. Dress for success while you are always prepared to avoid a terrible tragedy. TIGER LADY can deter a would-be assailant. TIGER LADY can eliminate being left in a he-said she-said controversy because it not only hurts the attacker, but also collects DNA for later identification. Carry it in your hand and it’s less visible than a cell phone. So small a cop can’t mistake it for a gun and shoot you. Just a subtle outdoors accessory that only becomes noticed when you want it to at the simple squeeze of a hand. Get Your Own Right Now.

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 When my mom came home one of the first things she wanted to do was to take off her bra.

Forget about the days when bras were designed by men who, as usual, screw up the thing because of the limits of the male perspective. Get rid of all those lame shabbily made bras that slip and twist, bite the shoulders, pinch, or poke you with the faulty underwire. It can be like wearing some Dark Ages t!t torture device. If you aren’t sick of it you either have the perfect shaped and sized boobs for the manufacturer or you just heven’t been paying attention. Now the right to a frustration-free fit is guaranteed for every woman thanks to THIRD LOVE bras. You just have to see it for yourself on their site. They found a way to solve all your fitting issues while providing comfort and support with soft memory foam. Sizes go from A to G in half cup steps. It’s simply an amazing game change in lingerie.

-the Custom Bra Maker That Fits With Half Cup Sizes and Comfortable Straps
You’ll wonder what the hell you were wearing before you found this!

Here’s the YouTube video on Third Love from Motiv8ion N8ion
“What’s going on under that T-shirt?”



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