Ibogaine Helped Hunter Biden Get Back Home

Ibogaine Helped Hunter Biden Get Back Home

This is about how ibogaine, the only proven antidote to addiction, reunited a family. People care now because the dad in this family turns out to be the President of the United Sates. Hunter Biden had to leave the USA to obtain an ibogaine treatment for his cocaine addiction. Now he is recovered and has a book out with his message of hope. A complicated tapestry of life traumas and influences. His ibogaine treatment played a large part in his victory over soft and hard cocaine. Joe Biden never stopped loving his son and is glad as heck to have Hunter back!

See the happy father who has his son back home

Hunter Biden is back from crack thanks to an offshore ibogaine clinic

You loved one can take this antidote to addiction, but not in the USA. Because cultural elites and insane drug war cops made it illegal along with LSD in 1962. Make ibogaine available in the USA. Tell President Joe Biden you want ibogaine re-scheduled and to make the DEA to pay for the expedited completion of ibogaine’s stalled FDA Approval process. Then we can finally get a handle on the forgotten drug addiction epidemic. Add your favorite ibogaine testimonial or provider links in the Youtube video’s comments.



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