Solar Eclipse Across America Happens On Monday, August 21, 2017 Safe Watching Gear

Solar Eclipse Across America Happens Monday 8-21-17
Your Source For Verified Safe Watching Gear
& Children’s Educational Activity Kits

Get in on the excitement of the Aug 21, 2017 solar eclipse that will pass all across the United States of America.

Safety Gear for SOLAR ECLIPSE Aug 21, 2017 goggles, glasses, filtered, smoked glass Moon


The Best Total Eclipse Map and Schedule Page Out There Online. Thanks for Posting it

Jamie Says:

Safe Sun Viewing Glasses

Go Get Yourself Some Cheap Eclipse of the Sun Glasses,

Wasn’t that a ZZ Top song?
This is the basic requirement to enjoy the Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 beyond just looking around at how dark it gets. Put them on and keep them on through the whole event. You will be able to see around you just fine because the filtered lenses just reduce the intensity of the light. Don’t miss any of nature’s most amazing spectacle – a total eclipse of the Sun. Instead view it safely and in full detail with my collection of gear. We have ways to protect your eyes and extras to add fun activities. Kids activity kits make this a truly teachable moment. If you do not live near enough to see the maximum darkness you can plan a road trip. Pack some dinner in addition to some beverages into your car and take off after adventure.

This is absolutely the greatest opportunity to teach the kids about our own personal star and how it interacts with the moon and planets. Turn this into a family fun tour. Kindle a fire of curiosity that will enhance their interest in science and nature. You shouldn’t pass up this rare chance. Get the right eye safety gear, and maybe an activity book, camera and telescope. We have what you need no matter what you have planned to experience and save your memories. You will not regret taking the time and effort to make this eclipse a part of your life experience. Click and download the total eclipse path map at the bottom of the page for a guide.

You can buy these eclipse glasses in different quantities, depending on what kind of occasion you make of this celestial event:

Having a Solar Eclipse Party or Get-together? Order the 10 Pack
10pk Assorted Eclipse Glasses – CE Certified Solar Eclipse Eye Protection

People enjoying their solar eclipse glassesSolar activity produces coronal ejectionsThese ECLIPSE GLASSES will allow you to safely view the total solar eclipse happening on Aug 21, 2017.
SAFETY FIRST! These paper framed filters are both ISO and CE certified for safest viewing enjoyment.
5 DIFFERENT PAPER FRAME designs make up this 10 piece assortment so you can view this event with a bunch of family and friends.
Or maybe just go to a public area and resell them to people who didn’t plan ahead and purchase protective glasses. American Paper Optics is your safest and best bet when it comes to purchasing the right set of eclipse glasses.
Plus they look rather cool, You’ll have the swagger of a real “Sol Man!”



FUN FACT: The moon doesn’t actually orbit the Earth. It co-revolves around the Sun -with the Earth!


Total Solar Eclipse Summer August 21st 2017 T shirt
Be the 1st to Commemorate the Day With This T-Shirt
$14.90 & Free Shipping.

Collectible T-Shirt for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse 2017
(Even if you miss it) You Can Still Get the Shirt Afterward…

 Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester
Comes in 5 colors. All  have the distinctive diamond ring configuration eclipse print on the front. Must
 dry in low heat

Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017, Total Solar Eclipse T-shirt, gift for your favorite eclipse watcher, astronomy fans and kid. For fans of NASA and science. Wear one at your eclipse event. Solar Eclipse Across America is about astronomy, USA pride, rare solar eclipse, junior astronauts. Eclipse day is Monday.  Buy a Total Solar Eclipse Day collectible T-shirt.




Whole Family Viewing Together? Buy the 5 Pack
5-Pack Premium ISO and CE Certified Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses
$34.95 & FREE shipping.

Lunt Premium Solar Eclipse Glasses

You, your spouse and the kids will be prepared for a safe and interesting experience watching the eclipse together.
Be sure to only buy CE and ISO certified glasses. A non-certified product will allow the rays to damage your eyes. We are a TSE 17 manufacturer and approved by NASA and the These are the cheapest, low cost solar protective glasses you can get. Approved by the American Astronomical Society with a Certified listing. Lunt Solar Eclipse SUNglasses are manufactured in Germany. They also meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard for solar viewers and CE certification which assures the transmission requirements for safest use. Protect your eyes. Eclipse SUNglasses always filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light. Also 100% safe for direct viewing of the Sun and Solar Eclipses. These premium filters create a sharp orange-colored image of the Sun. Lunt has other pack sizes too.


There’s Also A 3 Pack
3-Pack Lunt American Solar Eclipse Commemorative Glasses
$55.95 & FREE Shipping

For You & A Couple Friends.
Grab a case of brewskis and chill while you kick back with good company and watch the solar show.
Set of 3 Solar Eclipse Glasses, ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses for direct sunlight viewing with a memorable American flag design.
As opposed to other brands, these paper frame eclipse glasses are exclusively manufactured with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses. Moreover, these lenses filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. Made of thicker material than most paper glasses for seeing the eclipse of the sun.
These premium eclipse filters create the sharpest solar images with a natural orange color.
With an optical density of 5 or greater, these ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested and safe for all phases of the eclipse.
Made by American Paper Optics



Maybe you saw the news reports of solar eclipse glasses sold and distributed by libraries, etc, that were not actually rated for use for viewing eclipses. This site only points to Amazon marketed brands that were not part of those recalls because they are long standing, established manufacturers. There was also a problem with glasses being bought for giving out that were simply not the right kind of solar eclipse protection, but merely strong sunglasses. These offers are properly selected to give you only what you need for safely observing the great American eclipse 2017. So shop here with confidence. No such issues were found about eclipse viewing binoculars and telescope filters.


You want to use binoculars or a telescope with a filter for a close up detailed view.


Binoculars With Solar Eclipse Filters
Sunoculars Mini with 6×30 the magnification Eclipse Glasses
$29.95 & Free Two-Day Shipping on orders over $49


Binoculars so kids can watch the solar eclipse in safetyAdd A Little Magnification & Really See The Majesty Of The Solar Corona.
Perfect for viewing the 8/21/17 Solar Eclipse, all Lunt SUNoculars are personally tested on the Sun to assure 100% quality and safety.

Front filters are manufactured from CE certified film to ensure the highest level of viewing quality.
The light of the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 1×10-5% transmission. Therefore all ultraviolet and infrared components are completely and safely blocked. The harsh and dangerous Sunlight is limited to a pleasant orange color. Lunt SUNoculars are manufactured to the same standards of safety typical to the entire family of Lunt Solar products – the premier manufacturer of Solar telescopes and filters.

Lunt 6×30 White Light Mini Sunoculars are perfect for kids 13 yrs+. Weighing less than 10 ozs, the pocket-sized mini Sunoculars are equipped with front mounted filters, 30mm objective aperture, 9.0mm eye relief, fixed eye cups, OD-5 transmission, and an individual eyepiece focus to ensure high-quality Solar observation that is 100% safe.


Eclipse Project Books For Kids
Solar Eclipse Kit 4 kids 2017: The Complete Kids’ Guide and Activity Book for the Great American Solar Eclipse

Science Across America Eclipse Activity Book
On Monday, August 21st, 2017, The Great American Solar Eclipse will be witnessed by tens of millions of people all across America. Make it an educational opportunity for your kids.
It will be the first total solar eclipse to cross the U.S. mainland in 38 years! Solar Eclipse 2017: The Complete Kids’ Guide and Activity Book contains science and viewing guides, maps, and 30 pages of puzzles, games, and activities. It will surely engage the minds of kids ages 5-11 in this exciting, rare, and highly anticipated event. Don’t miss it!
Solar eclipse viewing glasses not included. Be sure to order your official, eclipse viewing glasses separately.

The kids naturally want to learn about the universe. So this big eclipse event could actually spark an interest in learning that can produce good learning attitude. A desire to learn can spill over into other areas of knowledge other than space exploration. Never thought spacing out and staring at the sun could be such a life enriching experience. Education is never wasted, because it is the primary method of self-improvement.



Premium Solar Eclipse Kit For Viewing, Recording and Making Memories
Celestron Certified 2017 North American Total Solar Eclipse EclipSmart Deluxe Solar Observing & Imaging Kit
$26.95 & FREE shipping

Premium hard frame, wrap-around solar glasses featuring ISO 12312-2 certified solar safe filter technology for guaranteed safe observation of the sun. Innovative ISO 12312-2 compliant photo filter featuring Solar Safe technology for taking still images and video of the solar eclipse with your DSLR, point and shoot camera, or smartphone.

Also included 32-page eclipse book is full of eclipse information. It features a complete timetable and transit map for the upcoming north American total eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Prepare for a great time with friends and family. Make an event of it. You may watch from your porch at home or during a road trip to catch the path of the darkness. Wonderful American designed and made technology that you may not have had the last time there was a nation-wide event like this.
Made in the USA for Electron by American Paper Optics, a NASA recommended supplier for ISO-12312-2 compliant solar observing products 




Here’s the total blackout line that will run from the West Coast to the East Coast

Eclipse dark zone of total eclipse

This is our nation’s first total solar eclipse since 1979! Also, it’s the first to cross from the West Coast to the East Coast since 1918. As the 2017 eclipse crosses from Oregon to South Carolina, the “path of totality” along the way will be up to 70 wiles wide. This total solar eclipse will be visible in totality within a band across the entire contiguous United States; it will only be visible in other countries as a partial eclipse. The path starts in Oregon around 10:00 am and continues through the States of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. Then it leaves the continental United States through South Carolina just before 3:00 pm. It has been over 30 years since the last time an eclipse crossed so much of the USA. You should definitely commemorate the moment.  So this is a national event for which they have organized large gatherings both ticketed and free to the public. Many foreigners will also flock to cities and parks along the totality path. 

REMEMBER: You can still buy certified solar eclipse glasses, binoculars and filters for cameras and telescopes. There’s FREE overnight shipping available for fast delivery. You can still get eclipse glasses in time for Monday morning if you order Saturday or Sunday morning.

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