Help Foil Trump and Putin As They Plot To Destroy Democracy- Defend America and save democracy by learning what the threat is and how it operates. Own this new book by Malcolm Manse " The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West"

Malcolm Nance Book Talk

Help Foil Trump and Putin

Malcolm Nance With Stephanie Miller talking The Plot To Destroy Democracy

If you love the USA then buy this book & put your money where your mouth is.
Buuse this book save democracy and democratic elections americat keep your money when some Facebook bot points you the books of fraudulent imitators working counter-program operations. Read on as Mr. Nance explains how the publishing business can be manipulated by the wealthy far right. Is The Plot To Destroy Democracy buried in your local bookstores. Check to see if it’s sold out?
The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

I heard Malcolm Nance talk about that and his new book on the best syndicated liberal talk show in what’s left of America. You should hear the great guests talk on the Stephanie Miller Show!
I’m pretty sure he said…


March To Save Democracy Before the Congressional Election 2018

Get organized now for the Saving Democracy March. This is a national level protest and anti-Trump rally as a show of manpower overcoming money-power. Tell the Republican’t party that the millions the elite spend on deceptive advertising both broadcast and social media is just dollars burned into the air. No amount of money will make Americans un-learn the awful truth of how much the Trumpublicans have lied and cheated to steal an election and possibly 2 Supreme Court seats!

Stand Up For Democracy - Join the March in a City Near You
Stand Up For Democracy – Join the March in a City Near You

Go to and sign up to help organize and find your local events

This is a national-level protest event when patriotic people in cities across America march and rally  in solidarity with each other. This is an emergency mobilization of all free-thinking voters and potential voters to begin a clearing out process to vote out a Party that joins with foreign enemies to steal elections for President and all down the ticket. Votes are more powerful than dollars. Why do you think Repugnantcan’t always vote against voting right and won’t pay to secure our elections from continuing Russian attack.


By the way, the march is not done. Stay tuned…
Still a march to save democracy from Putin Trump conspiracy

Stephanie Miller:
 Good morning Malcolm Nance!

Malcolm Nance:

‘Morning. You know that song has the segment in it that really resonates today about someone being under someone’s control. I was just gonna say you know that part of the song I always thought all of that as silly until now. it’s not silly anymore.

Stephanie Miller:

Yeah I mean it really. As the guy that’s been warning us about this the longest I mean it really is every day Malcolm to wake up in America and and realize that there is a Russian asset in the Oval Office! I mean this just, um as you tweeted and you keep tweeting over and over wake up just over a hundred days to the end of democracy or its final defense. You choose obviously. your book The Plot to Destroy Democracy once again dead on and you tried to warn before the election in The Plot to Hack America what was happening before it happened.
…he’s going to say he was framed when all this comes out isn’t he?

Malcolm Nance:

Yeah and that’s exactly what that book says and so, as I told Travis a little earlier, I’m on “jihad” today. Okay? I know that’s not a politically correct word to say but I am. Because my book’s in the New York Times bestsellers list for the last three weeks. I took a bit of a drop last week and this week might be knocked off because of a book written by Gregg Jarrett from Fox News called The Russia Hoax- How Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller Framed Donald Trump or something along those lines. That book is about to debut at number one on the New York Times bestsellers list some of my people. My (social media) followers were going through Barnes and Noble and I tweeted this out. And they have big honking boxes of this book right at the front door under new release and for the last three weeks they could not find my book.

Best Sellers Or Best Cellars?

There were usually few copies shoved somewhere and they have mine they have you know Russian Roulette by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. Usually one to two copies per store. Both of these books, these liberal books, were either number one and mine number six on the New York Times bestsellers list. They weren’t even on the Best Sellers Wall so there was a bookstore war going on out there. Yeah, and you have to understand that Republicans don’t read these books they buy them in bulk. They give them out for free at conferences but they buy them for a talisman type of effect, you know they believe that this is like a charm that if they keep it on their bookshelves, they’re hip.

Donny Can’t Read

They don’t read Ann Coulter’s books. They don’t read this book about Gregg Jarrett yeah these books are written as part of the information warfare operation it’s designed to make their people understand one sentence and that’s precisely what they are. No one is going into Barnes and Noble today and is going to drop $27 on Greg Garrett’s book. they’re not that book is designed to get their version of their events out there. Now Donald Trump tweeted about it yesterday you got I believe some crazy number like 250,000 likes saying buy this book it’s the best book it’s number one on The Times. It reveals everything…

Fake Books To Cloud The Issues Like This

We’ve reached an Orwellian level. Now full Orwell level in the Trump Administration. They are literally telling people not to believe what they see with their lying eyes. Not to believe
what they read that was written by Trump. They are doing selective editing as you said of transcripts now and we are in a very very very dangerous period in American history and I’m speaking right now for my brothers and sisters in the intelligence community and guys who like Michael Hayden and and John Brennan, who can’t speak out, to say just how much danger we’re in and this is not a joke anymore. I’m not joking when I say we are 100 days from potentially losing American democracy. We’re at a point where autocracy is about to wash over this, and look what we have we have, fake books on literally a crush for Donald Trump to point to. To claim that in every bookstore in America, the number one book out there is the one that says Hillary Clinton faked this whole thing and is framing me…

Documenting the Birth Of A Cover Story

You are looking at the culmination of a multi-year, Russian inspired operation in which Donald Trump just due to his own personality has decided reality is not, does not exist. The Russians have created, what we call in the intelligence business, a “meta-narrative” around him. Everything he says, everything he thinks the decisions he makes, are all within the meta-narrative that he adopted when he met with the Russian oligarchy. But what you’re also seeing by extension is a guy who used to read to his first wife Ivana, Mein Kampf and would talk about how he loved you know repeating the lie three times over. Repeating something three times over to create reality. We are in a situation where reality is being bent and he’s being enabled by the Republican Party.

Welcome To The Unwelcome Machine

He’s being enabled by, now look the you see this machine. You saw how the Daily News was gutted, right? The new Daily News. You have fifty percent of its staff fired. This is precisely what Vladimir Putin did when he got negative coverage. In his first year, after the sinking the submarine Kurisk, he bought out the Russian news media through his oligarchs. They fired all the staff and then they were only allowed to run what they ran. We are on the verge of having an “American Pravda.” When a book comes in you know, you have three progressive books that are on the New York Times Best Sellers List and that are being held up by individual purchases by people who are actually reading these folks. Trump’s oligarchs, they can snap their fingers, put out a complete hoax, a fake book that comes out full of lies, and get it to number one on the New York Times bestsellers list through bulk purchases where no one’s ever going to read that book.


Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know

I tweeted the other day I said Trump just issued marching orders to the Russians, and now I’m starting to believe that he does think he’s speaking to the Russians. Now that we found out that his Russia if you’re listening comment literally led within hours to the Russians actually going out and starting to act. Yeah, so as far as I’m concerned we need to be at battle stations this year on the integrity of the vote and the best way to do that is very simple. Frickin’ vote!

Between you and me and everybody who’s listening (or reading now) I’m not seeing any organization from the Democratic Party. Zip, zero nada! They seem to be seem to be taking this like “oh we’re going into an election let’s see what happens.” I haven’t seen any liberal billionaires out there trying to organize marches. I haven’t seen Indivisible come out and call for this. I haven’t seen say this is a great idea. As a matter of fact, just the opposite.

The N8ion Needs Motiv8ion

We’re gonna have to carry this out ourselves and we need to get numbers like 20 or 30 million. Yeah, to say, wear one color and carry American flags just like the French do. Right? When they have these massive country shutdown marches. We have to present a spectacle to incite electoral fear into the minds of those who oppose us. Also, we need to inspire every person for the 72 hours who comes out. So everybody who wants to organize that, I’ll be more than willing to give you my notes!
I really feel afraid. My wife burst into tears yesterday because she said how are we going to survive this if we lose this election. To be honest, I don’t know. But you will easily see the United they will say that they have proven, the American people have spoken. 17% of the people in this country will make this their election. They will say we have voted for autocracy and Trump has just been revalidated by quote unquote the American people.

The Summary of the New Book

I really don’t like what I’m seeing and if that requires you to be afraid, be afraid. Yeah. Get your happy butts out there and start mobilizing people. Start taking this game on! Yes we’re the people who are going to be the cavalry. If we’re going to stand up for this then everyone needs to spread the word. Right, and get people who are apathetic you know, to start talking about this!

save democracy and democratic elections america
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Defend America and save our democracy by learning what the threat is and how it operates. Own this new book by Malcolm Manse The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West it hit (July 2, 2018) the shelves this week. This is the knowledge and intelligence you must have to rise and save democracy! Now you have facts to counter the Fox News lies and burst any right winger’s bubble. We can have no better modern-day Paul Revere than Malcolm Nance!



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