West Coast Wildfires Are A National Event In 2021 Again

West Coast Wildfires Are A National Event In 2021 Again

West Coast Wildfires: The smoke is floating up in the states West of the High Plains. More smoke from forest fires than weed smoke. Hundreds of fires burn every day. A haze is seen back East as the high altitude drift. Traveling like fallout in the upper  atmosphere. It tints the blue sky to grey and white by day. Then high altitude smoke stains sunsets orange and red in the pre sunset hours every day. This continues all the way to the East Coast.

Wildfire haze sunset eastern states
Wildfire haze sunset eastern states.

Western forest fire smoke is a national event impacting 0n eastern states

That is not clouds. It is wildfire smoke!

National event impact in eastern states

Wildfire Ecological Impact

The pandemic of COVID-19 with its attendant stay-at-home orders and business closings saved a lot of carbon release. Auto emissions to the tons of exhaust was prevented. Those savings from 2 years has already replaced by a few months of wildfire smoke.

Smoke and Ozone Impact

The haze over the Chicago area due to wildfires on the west coast is prompting an Air Quality Alert in the city’s Metro area, according to the National Weather Service. During such a warning advisory all people with chronic respiratory issues to stay indoors or use a mask. They are advised to limit prolonged outdoor activity.

Urban areas of Northern U.S. and Canada may continue to suffer poor air quality. Anyone should avoid exposure on elevated ozone level days and fine soot particles. 


If you are a volunteer fire fighter, you are needed to help control the West Coast wildfires

Although the National Guard in the fire-prone states have the manpower and equipment to take on and defeat large fires. Smaller  and more  remote fires and reservation wildfires may not get the attention that will be needed this year. Lightning is sparking  grass fires all over the high plains too. These can be tracked by infrared satellite detection. This allows for mobilizing firefighters in those remote places.

wildfire maps free

This is the website I use to track  West Coast wildfires



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