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E-Bikes By Trek With Bosch Electric Motor and Battery

The great American brand Trek has a full line of top quality electric bicycles. Go to your nearest Authorized trek dealer to experience one in person.
This vid features the Electra Townie Go! which is the electric motored version of their standard Townie Bike. The mountain bike model is the Power Fly 5 and it is the most rugged E-bike I’ve seen. A mid body air shock absorber and adjustable dual chamber front wheel shocks make this one an action performer. The hybrid street and trail model is the Verve. It has the classic 10-speed frame lines but with disk brakes and sturdier construction.
These were all powered by 350 Watt mid-drive motors that turn the chain at the same sprocket the pedals go to for seamless electric assist transitions. The removable Bosch batteries hold 8-10 Amp/hours of power.
I suggest you buy an extra battery or two plus an extra charger cable.

See the diagram that shows 2 kinds of mid drive electric bike motors. One has a kinetic and separate motor driven sprocket. The other has the pedal power and the motor power turning the same sprocket. That is the system that Bosch uses in all Trek E-bikes.

I would note that while most of the E-bikes shown in this video have batteries located over the rear tire under a rack, Trek is changing over to hidden battery designs. This is an improvement that cuts some costs while making the bicycle safer and weather resistant.

The vid ends with a head to head contest between an electric bike and a 10 speed. The e-bike was a bit heavier but was obviously less strenuous to ride up hills.

Trek is a top quality brand and you should expect to pay over $2000 for any of the models shown at a discount.

You can look at E-Bike prices for lesser brands if you don’t have a budget of $1000.
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Here’s another brand called Juiced that makes more powerful E-cycles that look more like motor bikes.
Visit Them Here


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