Corona Virus Update. COVID-19 and Domestic Travel

This is an early Corona Virus update: COVID-19 and domestic travel
Traveling during the COVID -19 epidemic outbreak

This is a story about not just a coast to coast cruise, but also travel. Interstate travel during the beginning of the corona virus (or COVID-19) outbreak in the USA.

Cruise Cam Coast to Coast 2020 – Special Report Video – Corona Virus Travel Log
The Cruise Cam COVID-19 Car Travel Video 

What I saw out on the road cruising coast to coast during the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak of march 2020

Watch as I cruise from coast to coast as the American epidemic goes from a dozen dead to 2 thousand dead in one week. This cruise started from New York City on March 16, 2020.


Up to now, Pennsylvania was the only state that did anything about COVID-16. I saw a couple rest stops closed in the middle of the I-80 route, but I didn’t know if they were closed for repairs.
In New York City life went on as normal, no masks, no drama. Everything was cool when I left NYC. This is a look at 7th Avenue. I departed via the Lincoln Tunnel,
(See the video “Leaving NYC via the Lincoln Tunnel” here)
and headed West on I-80.
I turned off my radio so I wouldn’t get saturated in virus news and analysis. That’s all I was sick of.

The Driver’s Seat

So this is how it was from a driver’s perspective.
The first Corona Virus travel problemsI started to think something was going on when Pennsylvania closed all its rest stops. Before, when driving East on I-80 I only saw a couple closed. This was the only State to take that measure. All it did was funnel more people into truck stops, especially bad for seniors with small bladder issues.
Ohio and Indiana’s rest areas were all open.
The next thing to effect me was the closing of all the buffets.

Signs Of The Times

Now I noticed digital road signs in every state with various warnings related to the corona virus. Ohio , Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa had a variety of digital highway signs. So they were taking the Corona Virus seriously.

Nebraska didn’t take this seriously. The message on their signs was inserted into their usual messages. It seemed a bit snarky, even. “37 Nebraska traffic deaths this year” coupled with “Keep your hands clean eyes on road” -says the giant text message.
Nebraska didn’t close any rest stops. They just posted hand washing guides, English and Spanish, from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Most rest area facilities have touchless operation.
Corona Virus travel CDC advisory covid-19 CDC advice for Corona Virus travelers
I didn’t worry much about it effecting my cruise. Then when in Lincoln, NE I got the news that California went into lock down. That meant closing non-essential shops, sheltering at home, and the cancelling of all public events. I wondered what impact that may have on driving.


Corona Virus Travel Restrictions Coming?

Everything seemed cool in Colorado going West. There were lot of highway signs that were turned off and the rest were just performing their usual tasks of showing drive times and road condition alerts. No COVID signs.
Here’s how to go through a California Ag Checkpoint. These could be used for a quick screening with an infrared gun thermometer, Or they could be abused for draconian measures. Notice thee incinerator to the left.
In Utah there was other kinds of signs. There I found my first towns shut down by a stay at home order. I only found out later when reviewing my recordings I found this theater marquis. I didn’t see it as I drove by. Businesses showed messages related to the virus epidemic on their movable text signage.
Now California signs are hinting at a vehicle travel ban coming! Still California is keeping open it’s rest areas and commercial truck inspections.
Dining room closing signs were also popping up, as I also discovered after the fact with my videos.
A subtle uneasiness was becoming more apparent as I continued West to California.

Corona Virus travel -Nebraska's Corona Virus mention

Come back to my YouTube Channel and to this web page for the climactic second half of this report, Part 2 – The Cruise East to NYC

This is a COVID-19 outbreak coast to coast report video Part 2

What it was like when the COVID-19 epidemic started.


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