Part 2 -Corona Virus Update: Interstate Travel and COVID-19

Part 2. Early Corona Virus Update: COVID-19 and Domestic Travel In the USA
Interstate travel during the COVID -19 epidemic outbreak

This is a story about not just about coast to coast driving, but also travel. Interstate travel during the beginning of the corona virus (or COVID-19) outbreak in the USA. Part 2. Early Corona Virus update: Driving During the COVID -19 Epidemic Outbreak Back To New York City!

Cruise Cam Coast to Coast 2020 – Special Report Video – Corona Virus Travel Log
The Cruise Cam COVID-19 Car Travel Video

Part 2 – The Cruise East To NYC

Starting in California which put a typo up in their haste to reach the whole state. A variety of signs implored us to Beat COVID-19! This kind of outreach to drivers is a part of how the infection curve was flattened in California.
All California rest areas and Ports of entry were open.

Oregon was on it and had lockdown information posted like this one for the Stay Home. Save Lives. campaign. There’s a set of do’s and don’ts, and what business are open or closed. Pause and read for yourself.
Oregon also left their rest areas clean and available and ports but not weigh stations were open to truckers.
Colorado was cautious and had signs up all through the resort region of the Denver Pass of I-70
Avoid Non-Essential Travel and Avoid Travel To Recreate and COVID-19 is contagious.
Also one wintery travel advisory.
Wyoming was warning drivers. Although they had enough to focus on with late winter storm conditions to report too. Some rest stops were closed.
The Signs in Nebraska all said 41 Traffic Deaths This Year, up from 37 a week ago. By now they had their first proven COVID-19 death. In contrast, Nebraska was more concerned with tail-gating.

Give Me A Break

Rest areas were posted with CDC information. I didn’t see them in many other states. If the video isn’t sharp enough to read it’s all at But ou get the idea, right? States can either follow and post up materials from a federal agency, or gin up a state level effort managed through the Governor’s office.
It was here that I first saw the gas stations turn off their grillers. One had a lady fetching drinks and hot food items behind a table. Customer access to the soda fountain and griller was blocked with hazard tape. Fast food restaurants taped off their dining areas, some even closed their bathrooms. To much work to clean them?

Going through Iowa and Illinois the same COVID-19 notices were still up on the automated LED highway signs.
Stop The Spread Of COVID-19.
Plus a few new advisories for their stay at home orders.
Wash Hands Cover Cough Avoid Crowds
Stop The Spread OF COVID-19 Wash Your Hands
Avoid Crowds & Practice Social Distancing
Staying Home Can Save Lives COVID-19

Each State’s Governor had to decide if there would be a state stay at home order and forced closing of non-essential businesses.

I turned on the radio to get a Chicago traffic report and heard 3 coronavirus testing sites were causing traffic congestion. Police were noticing and increase in speeding related crashes in the significantly less crowded interstates and surface streets. Speed traps were set up all over CA, IL, OH, PA.
Indiana’s rest areas were open but the weigh stations were closed and there was little mobile inspection going on.
Michigan’s welcome center was open but not the weigh station.

Travel restriction to Interstate travel during COVID pandemic

Ohio was not so welcoming with closed rest areas in the East and West border counties.
Signs said Stay at Home and Practice Social Distancing.

I used truck stops bathrooms because they were the cleanest and most likely to have touchless operation. I chose drive through restaurants to sustain myself. I particlarly liked the Impossible Whopper.

Pennsylvania had some rest areas re-opened after getting some push-back by irate truckers. Their innovation was to introduce portable restrooms and a washing station outside. Vending machines were emptied out, I guess to discourage coming inside the building.
Their signs gave a website URL COVID19.NJ.GOV. Not info I would recommend using while driving. Here I saw my first interstate travel restriction sign. New Jersey forced a quarantine. A sequester was expected of any people driving in with New York plates, for 14 days! Drivers from New York can be pulled over and challenged for their intentions.
I only stopped for gas in New Jersey, which is pumped by an attendant, already has COVID-19 compliant service by law. Now that State is benefiting from keeping that law.
On to the finish line, New York City. Half of the coronavirus deaths in the nation are happening here.
See this comparison of street traffic on 7th Avenue .
Economically, It’s like a Chernobyl Meltdown disaster happened all across the nation.
There are winners and losers in this American epidemic. Fast food and other drive thru business will see an increase until people run out of income and they rely on food banks and tactical grocery shopping.

April 3rd ends with 1.08 Million detected infections worldwide
There were 3500 deaths in New York City by the time I returned.

Texas Institutes Highway Checkpoints for Forced Quarantine

Lessons learned about travel during the corona virus outbreak

Pay at the pump after wiping keypad with sanitary wipe.
Eat drive through food.
Drink ionized water.
Park in full sunlight. Sunlight sterilizes surfaces and skin.
State rest areas are cleaner than truck stop or restaurant bathrooms. Still, wipe before you sit and don’t pee on the seat.
Wash the sink handles every time you use a sink.
Use ultraviolet light to disinfect items like money, phones, masks and what have you.
Stay out of crowds. Take the road less traveled.
Only use hotel or motel rooms that open to the outside, not to a hallway.
Greet non-verbally by bumping elbows.
Don’t pass pipes and joints, everybody smoke on their own devices.
Shop with protective gear on and grab a store wipe cloth coming in when available.
Mouth covering is for preventing some potential spread of infection.
Respirators or mask and eye protection are for preventing getting infected.
Protect your eyes with swimming goggles. Helps keep fingers out of eyes.
Don’t wear a mask driving alone in your car. It just funks up the mask for no benefit.
Make gas stations keep receipt paper from running out so you can pay at the pump.
Wash your hands after touching anything others also touch.
Have them put your change in a plastic zip lock bag for later sterilization before it’s put in your wallet.
Cough into your arm, not your hand, not a handkerchief.
Paper towels are better than toilet paper or kleenex tissues for high volume expectoration.
Constantly run fluids through your body, sipping every 5-10 minutes.


Products that help Interstate travel during COVID pandemic
Products that help Interstate travel during COVID-19 pandemic

Did you see part 1?
Driving From New York City to California

Part 1. Early Corona Virus update: This is a story about not just a coast to coast cruise, but also travel. Interstate travel during the beginning of the corona virus (or COVID-19) outbreak in the USA. Driving During the COVID -19 Epidemic Outbreak From New York City into California lock down!
Cruise Cam Coast to Coast 2020 – Special Report Video

REMEMBER: Be an epidemic angel, not an epidemic asshole. Try to help out and be unselfish.

Tom Is Still Active In the Resistance
A message gratis from Tom

COVID-19, How you can help and important resources

Cases of coronavirus continue to grow across the country. Donald Trump continues to avoid responsibility and facts in order to point fingers and play favorites. The truth is that low-income communities and communities of color are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. Coronavirus hits especially hard in areas where economic investment is already below average.

Remote-work opportunities are disproportionately lower for people of color, forcing many to brave the front lines to earn a living or else face unemployment. For the families and school children who rely on meal programs, this new reality can mean they are left hungry. And where corporations have been given free reign to contaminate the air and water, there are higher death rates due to coronavirus.

Trump Adds Insult To Injury For Interstate Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On top of that, the Trump administration continues to ignore these communities while bailing out corporations. During these difficult times, we must work together to support, inform, and uplift our most under-resourced communities.
We also heard stories about how this team is making face masks at home for friends, family, and community members who need them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends that everyone in a public setting where social distancing is difficult (like a grocery store) should wear a face mask, so they are needed now more than ever. Click here for the CDC’s guide to make a face mask for yourself or others.
This crisis and our government’s failure to respond quickly and effectively, have presented our country and the world with an unprecedented challenge. We can all do our part to help one another and aid organizations on the front lines. Thank you for your support and doing what you can to help others.

Team Tom

Additional Resources:

Unsure what to do about school? Visit for answers on primary, secondary, and college education questions.

You can visit for information and resources to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent infection. Follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing to avoid large groups and unnecessary contact with others, and adhere to instruction from your local and state elected officials.
If you believe you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, please visit this site developed by the CDC and Apple.
Visit for guidelines and answers to most questions.

Now is the time many of us worry about taxes, but the tax deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020. If you have further questions or need help filing.
Providing the IRS with your direct deposit information will help you receive your Economic Impact Payment or “coronavirus stimulus check” sooner, if you’re eligible. If you haven’t filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, make sure to submit your taxes as soon as possible. Click here for more information and to see if you’re eligible.

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Products that help Interstate travel during COVID pandemic
Products that help Interstate travel during COVID-19 pandemic


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