Record Stable Video With A Gimble You Can Afford

Use A Gimble To Record Stable Video -You Can Afford To Now

Recording professional stable video is hard to do by hand, body cam, or when mounted on a vehicle. With a Gimble the shock and  vibration is counteracted to help hold the camera still. You put the camera in the mount. As you hold it and move about, the arms twist and turn along the X,Y,Z axis in response to the movement coming from the handle. The arms are programmed to move to dampen and eliminate it before it can get to the camera. Pretty impressive to watch! This used to only be available for big movie and news production. Today this technology is scaled down for consumer and pro-hobby recording. Prices have scaled down too. You too can afford a gimble for your digital camera, GoPro, or smart phone.

Record Stable Video With These Gimbles You Can Afford

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When you have a gimbled steady camera you will not only get less shaky pictures, you will also benefit from better focus and object tracking. Motion shots of passing scenery will come out clear. You will have the advantage of better recording quality no matter what device. Use it with your pocket camera, iPhone, Android or other camera phone. Remember to always record with your phone in landscape (or sideways) orientation. Nobody likes to see the ugly smeary blurry side fill in mess that you sometimes see in Youtube and other places. Better quality videos just make the world a better place to be. So that’s why you ought to record stable video with a gimble.


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