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Every day Mr. Trump remains in office is a threat to our country, and an assault on our rule of law. Well, we can make 2019 the year this president is held accountable for his crimes. Can you support this movement with a donation? We’ll send you an official 2019 impeachment card, and you’ll get on the record as being a part of the team fighting to save democracy.​

The lies are finally catching up to Mr. Trump. He has committed 10 impeachable offenses and counting, he’s dealing with at least 17 court cases, and one by one his advisers are heading to jail. The scope of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is only expanding, and the new Democratic House is just getting started with their own investigations. Need to Impeach is dedicated to defending our democracy against our criminal president, but we need your help to keep the pressure on Congress to start the process of impeaching him. Pitch in today, and we’ll send you our NTI impeachment card to show everyone where you stand on this critical issue facing our democracy.

Thank you for being part of this movement,

Tom Steyer, Founder Need to Impeach

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STU?  More like STFU to me

Later today, Trump will deliver his State of the Union address. (STU) But here’s the thing, James: He’s lied so many times over the last two years (more than 8,000 lies at our last count) that it’s almost certain he’ll do the same from the podium.
Here’s the *real* state of our union: We have a criminal president who has committed 10 offenses worthy of impeachment, and we won’t move forward as a country until he’s removed from office.
Our founder Tom Steyer breaks down the state of impeachment in our new video: Watch it here, then add your name to tell Congress to launch impeachment proceedings immediately.

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This needs to be Trump’s last State of the Union (for our sanity, for the sake of our democracy, and for the health of politics in general). We’re confident that together, we can make that a reality. Watch Tom’s thoughts on the state of impeachment right now, then demand Congress start the impeachment process at once.

Wear Your Resistance Out In Public

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Cheers, Need to Impeach


In Citizens United v. FEC, The Supreme Court opened the door for corporations and billionaires to buy access and influence in Washington.  The Court says money is free speech, so on the 9th anniversary of Citizens United, we’re making our money scream by legally rubber-stamping messages like “Not To Be Used To Bribe Politicians” on over 2.5 million bills. That’s 2.5 million miniature billboards calling on Democrats, Republicans, and independents to work together to get big money out of politics and fix our democracy. But we can’t do it without you.  Pledge the number of bills you will stamp — you can pledge to stamp one bill or you can pledge to stamp one thousand bills. You stamp it, you spend it, and together, we’ll create a tsunami of stamped bills demanding free and fair elections.

Last year, over 18,000 people helped stamp 1.9 million dollar bills.  It was huge.  To date, 19 states and over 800 communities have passed resolutions calling for the 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United.  But we need to keep the pressure on Congress to act. Pledge to stamp, invite your friends, post photos on social media, and stay tuned for updates on how together, we can make a huge impact to take on corruption in U.S. politics and take back our democracy. Ben Cohen Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry’s Head Stamper,

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The House of Representatives can bring impeachment charges against a sitting president for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.
Donald Trump violated federal election law when he conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election, and commits bribery every time he profits from a government official staying at one of his hotels.
But what the heck are “other high crimes and misdemeanors?” The short answer: anything Congress says they are.
Maybe stealing 2 Supreme Court Seats? Maybe abducting thousands of children?
Trump has committed 10 distinct impeachable high crimes, with no signs of slowing down and no intent to start obeying the laws of this country.
We don’t need to wait for Robert Mueller’s inquiry or other investigations before Congress begins the impeachment process: The time to impeach is now. Thanks for committing to impeachment in 2019 — now can you forward this email to five friends?
Amy Brown, Digital Strategist
Need to Impeach

I just got this notice from Need To Impeach on the day the new Congressional Chairs are elected.

They are raising money now so we can mobilize for democracy by actively demanding justice and an end to Foreign interference in our democratic process as well as the domestic cheating being done by the Republicans for decades. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS ON THIS POST.

Get your 2019 Need to Impeach donor card

we must impeach and indict Donald Trump

Make a donation to help Need to Impeach. Keep the pressure on Congress

Make sure they hear from all 6.5 million members of this movement in 2019.

We’ll send you an official 2019 impeachment card.

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2019 is going to be the biggest year yet for our impeachment movement, and what we can do together this month is critical. You should be on the record as part of the team that made it happen. Can You Donate $20 to end Republican cheating?

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Thank you for all you do,
Tom Steyer
Founder, Need to Impeach

Wear Your Resistance Out In Public

For new designs and new swag (plus a sweet 15% discount with the code NEWNTI*) check out our store 👉
All proceeds power this movement to impeach our criminal president. *15% off entire order, limit one use per customer
Cheers, Need to Impeach


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