Download This Printable Report On Parkinson’s Disease Research

Download This Printable Report On Parkinson’s Disease Research

Do you or someone you care for have the progressive neurological degenerative disorder, Parkinson’s Disease?


Sometimes Breakthrough Research Is Done In Other Countries First.

For Example: This Parkinson’s Disease Report From India

Indian medicine has a tremendous treatment history to draw from. Universal health coverage allows progressive illnesses like Parkinson’s to be charted for very early onset. American statistics suffer from an absent onset information base. India’s Constitution requires each State to provide health care for its people. In order to address lack of medical coverage in rural areas, the national government legislated the National Rural Health Mission in 2005.

We in the United States can see foreign medical reports as an early advisory system. Nations that recognize herbal and holistic medicine have a free hand to research into less profitable avenues. Our FDA doesn’t even have a procedure for proving medical claims of non-chemical substances.

So download and read information about Parkinson’s Disease that you can’t find coming out of domestic research facilities. The more you know, the more hope you have. Hope and determination are what it takes to pull the future into being sooner rather than later.


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Parkinson’s Research Report

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