Elizabeth Warren Ultra-Rich Tax Plan

Elizabeth Warren Has An Ultra-Rich Tax Plan- What 2 Cents Can Do

Elizabeth Warren gets pressed all the time on how she intends to pay for her aggressive progressive agenda. The easy and doable answer is what she calls the Ultra-Millionaire Tax on the super rich. See just what 2 cents from them can do. Much like Bernie’s stock trade tax of a couple cents can pay for education and healthcare for all Americans.

Warren for President

After each town hall Elizabeth hosts, she stays afterwards to talk with every supporter who wants to meet her (and take a selfie, of course).

She stays because it’s her chance to learn about what brings people into this fight. No matter how long it takes — even up to four hours like what happened in New York on Monday — she’ll shake hands, give hugs, and exchange a few important moments with the people that are powering this movement.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to spend her time hearing about the issues that Wall Street bankers, powerful corporate interests, or federal lobbyists care about. She wants to hear from you.

We know there isn’t always an event close by, or sometimes you can’t wait in line for a chance to chat, so we wanted to give you the chance to tell her today.

What brings you into this fight? Please fill out this two-minute survey to share with Elizabeth the issues most important to you:

This campaign isn’t just about Elizabeth’s vision. It’s about the hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters like you. It’s about the issues that you think about, and the dreams that you’re fighting for.

Elizabeth wants to put the issues this team cares about front-and-center in this campaign — but we can’t do that without your help.

Click here to take the two-minute survey to share your priorities and let Elizabeth know you are a Warren Democrat and why you’re in this fight.

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