Bloomberg- Late to the Party

Michael Bloomberg Joines the Race Way Late to the Party

Michael Bloomberg has decided to announce his candidacy. The progressive democrats wonder why he comes so late to the Party. Hey Mr Bloomberg, listen up. Rather than spend millions on your vanity production, you ought to underwrite the progresssive liberal media.

Michael Bloomberg is running for president as a Democrat. We need to respond in a BIG way to show the billionaire class can’t buy our elections.

Bloomberg -too late for the Party

Did you see the news? Mike Bloomberg is filing paperwork to run for President of the United States. Just what America needs… another billionaire using his wealth to try to buy an election.

So why is this happening? The truth is, it’s because Mike Bloomberg and his friends in the financial elite are scared. And they should be.

Because when we are in the White House, they are finally going to start paying their fair share. When we are in the White House, their time controlling the economic and political life of this country will come to an end.

But Mike Bloomberg is a man of extraordinary wealth, and one the corporate media just loves. He is running in part because we are doing so well, and he will use that wealth to come in late in the primaries to stop us. So we need your help especially today:

Can Bernie count on you to make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign right now as a way of saying you have had ENOUGH of billionaires buying elections in this country?

The most important message we can send to the billionaire class right now is that our movement is more powerful than their money. A contribution of any amount will send that message.


Bloomberg late entry to the race is suspicious
This Is Real Support


Thanks for making your contribution to our campaign today. It matters a lot.

In solidarity,
Faiz Shakir
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Breaking: Michael Bloomberg is taking late steps to enter the Democratic primary for President in 2020

Warren for President

First, Elizabeth Warren released the Ultra-Millionaire Tax — a two-cent tax on great fortunes above $50 million that would pay for Universal Child Care, cancelling student loan debt for 95% of people that have it, a minimum $50 billion investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions, and much, much more.

Then, some of the wealthy few that would be affected by the tax started sounding the alarm — going on national television, literally shedding tears, writing op-eds, and trying to stop our movement in its tracks.

And now, just moments ago, news broke that Michael Bloomberg — one of the first billionaires to attack Elizabeth’s plan for a wealth tax — is taking steps to enter the Democratic primary for president in 2020.

The wealthy and well connected are scared. They’re scared that under a Warren presidency, they would no longer have a government that caters to their every need. So they’re doing whatever they can to try to stop Elizabeth and our movement from winning in 2020 and bringing big, structural change in 2021.

Let’s defeat the billionaires and make our government and economy work for working people. Chip in now >>





Let’s call Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to buy the Presidency for what it is: Yet another example of the wealthy wanting our government and economy to only work for themselves.

When faced with the prospect of paying his fair share in taxes so that we can level the playing field for working families, Bloomberg has chosen to protect his wealth over everyone else — and that’s why he’d rather spend enormous amounts of money on a presidential run than pay taxes.

And we have to fight our hearts out to stop it.

Your support matters because Elizabeth isn’t self-funding, she doesn’t have a Super PAC, and we don’t host any fundraisers where wealthy donors write big checks to spend time with her behind closed doors.

That means this campaign is funded by people like you chipping in whatever you can to emails like this. You shouldn’t have to be a billionaire to run for president, but that means we need a grassroots movement. And we need your help today.

Chip in $3 to fight back against Michael Bloomberg and the greedy billionaires that are trying to stop our movement.

Team Warren

P.S. Michael Bloomberg would pay over
$3 billion next year under Elizabeth’s wealth tax.

Chip in to help make it happen.

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This has all the components of an expensive waste of money that should be used to aid the entire Democratic Party. He should use his wealth to put liberal talk radio and TV on equal footing with the right wing media echo chamber. Michael Bloomberg made a late announcment that he will run for President. This looks more like a vanity production than a popular movement within the party. Come on, Mike, do the right thing and back off this ill-timed candidacy. Bernie and Elizabeth both have over 2 milion donors. A democratic society would prefer either of them against a one supporter candidate.


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