Indivisible Has Real Plans On How We Will Get It Done

Indivisible Has Real Plans On How We Will Get It Done

We need to get real about how we get it done in 2021. Indivisible has your progressive policies hookup. Go down the agenda list and click for each policy or issue for straight answers that explain our progressive approach to change Washington’s status quo. These are the topics that all Democrats and most Americans in general can support.

What do you want to get done in 2021?

Pick an issue and we’ll tell you how we’re going to do it.

Democracy Reform
People-first Immigration Policy
Green New Deal
Medicare for All
Student Loan Forgiveness
Gun Violence Prevention
End Endless Wars
End Cash Bail & Mass Incarceration
Criminal Justice Reform
Repeal the Hyde Amendment

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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide. Read more about the formation of our PAC here.

Republicans Forced Choice, Disaster Relief Or A Stronger ICE?


Did you know that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) includes, among all their many insidious qualities, thievery?

We’re talking about hundreds of millions from agencies serving critical functions under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Last year, ICE took $10 million from FEMA (the agency responsible for coordinating disaster response efforts), right as we were headed into hurricane season — a decision that’s even more horrifying in light of FEMA’s inability to manage the relief efforts after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

This year, they want even more. Newly released documents show that once again ICE is attempting to raid FEMA, the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration, and many other agencies to compensate for its massive overspending. In fact, DHS has spent over four billion dollars this fiscal year expanding immigration detention just to uphold Trump’s racist border and immigration policies.

And now they’re going after $271 million (including hundreds of millions from FEMA alone) in funding to expand detention beds, implement cruel policies that endanger asylum seekers, and tear children away from their families and homes.

Our one advantage: it’s out in the open now. ICE is used to backdoor deals and forcing agencies to fund their cruel policies without congressional oversight or activists watching in the wings, but we’ve got some news for them: Indivisibles are watching!

Here are 4 things you can do right now

  1. Take action during our Defund Hate Week of Action (Sept 9-13) to demand Congress cut funding for ICE & CBP and end their ability to steal funds from other agencies in this September’s budget fight. Plan or find an event near you!
  2. Send a video to put pressure on your House representative. We’ve made it easy: grab your phone and record your message on why ICE and CBP must be brought to heel. Post it on social and tag your Member of Congress. Get your Facebook friends and Twitter followers involved and take control of the narrative.
  3. Call your Member of Congress right now and demand that they reject ICE’s attempt to steal money from other agencies. It is unacceptable that ICE is subverting Congress’s authority to decide how much funding they should receive. We’ll give you a script and connect you directly with your representative’s office.
  4. Text “Defund Hate” to 977-79. We’ll send you the latest updates on our plan for the Week of Action, and we’ll let you know when events are registered near you.

This unethical money grab is further proof that this administration is choosing to uphold a white supremacist agenda designed to inflict harm on immigrant communities and asylum seekers. The administration is feeling the pressure from the Defund Hate coalition and it’s important now more than ever that we stand united to defund agencies like ICE and CBP.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Support Indivisible’s Ads Calling Out Rep Gottheimer

Hey friends!

Jeff, Anna, Madeline, Dave, & Han here from the Indivisible NJ-5 steering committee in Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s district. On Tuesday, the Indivisible team launched an issues ad campaign calling out Rep. Gottheimer for his votes and other work supporting ICE.

We’ve reached out to Indivisible’s national office for help amplifying our accountability efforts. And, National answered our call. We feel really strongly that these ads are needed and we’d like to explain to you all, our fellow members of this grassroots organization, why.

We’re part of the work with Indivisible movement because we want to influence policy to make people’s lives better. We believe in our collective vision of progressive policy rooted in fairness, empathy, and compassion.

Over and over again, Rep. Gottheimer has proven that he ISN’T representing that vision. 

This isn’t about one vote. If it were, then calling this an overreaction would be understandable. But, Rep. Gottheimer has:

  • Voted to add anti-immigrant language to gun violence prevention legislation.
  • Refused to sign a discharge petition to restore net neutrality, which would have protected us from cable companies deciding what we can do and see online.
  • Rallied others to join him in urging financial regulators to gut a provision of Dodd-Frank that protects insured depository institutions from risky trading.
  • Voted for funding for Trump’s border wall in the 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill.

Moreover, Rep. Gottheimer co-chairs the Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of Democrats and Republicans who use “bipartisanship” as a guise to promote moderate and conservative policies that undercut our core values. Under Gottheimer’s leadership, they’ve added “poison pills” into important bills, forced through Republican priorities and made it easier for conservative extremists to obstruct progressive legislation.

These are hardly the actions of a representative who’s helping us achieve our goals in Congress.

Holding our members of Congress accountable means thanking them when they do something good, and criticizing them when they do something bad. Forcing a vote for a bad version of a bill that will give a blank check to ICE? That counts as something bad.

In short, we are elated that Indivisible is running these ads because people should be aware of his role in the caucus, and his constituents should call and make their voices heard.

If you have not seen the ad, click here to watch it. If you can, please share it on Facebook or Twitter to help amplify our message. We’re proud to be a part of this team, and proud of what we’ve accomplished together and will accomplish in the days to come.

Thank you, so much.

In solidarity,
Jeff, Anna, Madeline, Dave, & Han

Indivisible NJ 5th District Steering Committee

P.S. Rachel Maddow also talked about it Tuesday night!


Tom Steyer Wants Your Support For His Wealth Tax

Rich man tax cut
Only The Wealthy Get A Huge Tax Cut
poor man taxes cut
This Is Your Tax Cut
Tax cuts for the wealthiest people don’t help anyone except the wealthiest people. As a former investor who spent nearly 30 years solving economic puzzles, I will forever be baffled by the Republican argument that tax cuts for people who would otherwise pay the most in taxes will boost our economy. Tax cuts for the rich do not equal inclusive prosperity for all — they just keep making those at the top even richer.
To fix the widespread inequality in this country, we need to make sure that wealthy people — myself included — pay our fair share. That’s why I called for a 1% annual wealth tax on the richest 0.1% of American families over a year ago, and why it would be one of my top priorities as president: Sign on if you agree.
If you’re one of the 175,000 richest families — worth more than $32 million — you’ll pay a penny on every dollar you have above that level. That would end up raising over $1 trillion over the next decade. Here’s what those pennies could help pay for:
  • Repairing our roads, bridges, and highways (cost: about $836 billion)
  • Upgrading our voting machines for safer, fairer elections (cost: about $130 – $400 million)
  • Mitigating climate change with clean energy investments
  • Nearly all student loan debt (currently at $1.6 trillion nationwide)
  • The entire U.S. deficit (currently at $1 trillion)

A tax on wealth, pennies on the dollars for people worth more than $32 million — is necessary for a sustainable, equitable future. No loopholes, deductions, or exceptions: it’s time the wealthy pay up. I’m in: Add your name if you are too.

We want to make sure you’re receiving relevant information about this movement. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering for Tom’s campaign, sign up here.
Thank you,




Repeated from emails here gratis as a public service of Resistance


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