Green New Deal and The Sanders Institute

Green New Deal and The Sanders Institute Endorsement

Bernie has been an environmental health and green business enabler for decades, helping in every way to release America from it’s fossil fuel addiction. The old 19th century way is being replaced before it is depleted as it only ever can, with renewable cheap electricity and safe bio fuels.

When you turn on mainstream media to get your news, I have no doubt you will hear all about Russian Collusion, Mueller, Manafort, Cohen or the latest tweet from our current President… on repeat.

What you will not hear discussed in detail are issues such as healthcare, a broken criminal justice system or the climate crisis.

You will not see an honest look or hear a civil debate about the progressive solutions, like Medicare For All, an end to private prisons or moving towards 100% renewables.

Lately, you have heard more chatter about the Green New Deal – but in what context?

The Sanders Institute was created to inform the public of progressive solutions that work toward creating a society that improves the quality of life for all our people, not just the wealthiest among us.

At the Sanders Institute Gathering, we set out to have these conversations with some exceptional people that have made studying these issues their life’s work. We brought together some of the leading progressive minds to address the climate crisis. Sanders Institute founding fellow, author and climate expert Bill McKibben, author and activist Naomi Klein, Executive Director of Presente Matt Nelson, Sanders Institute founding fellow and leading economist Stephanie Kelton, and physician and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed, spoke in depth about the climate crisis and how it intersects with each and every issue that our progressive movement is fighting for.

Watch the conversation.

Scientists tell us that we have less than 12 years to address climate change or risk catastrophic consequences. This will impact each and every one of us and will be devastating for our children and our grandchildren. We must act now.

Click here to watch the Sanders Institute panel: The Climate Crisis and the Green New Deal.

In Solidarity,
David Driscoll
Executive Director
The Sanders Institute


The Sanders Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
The Sanders Institute will be suspending operations in May 2019.

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