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Impeach Trump Postcard Campaign

Every day Congress lets Donald Trump remain unchecked is a violation of its Constitutional duty! -Jamie.

Need To Impeach Trump yard sign
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We’re launching a new postcard-writing campaign, part of our grassroots initiative aimed at empowering voters to speak directly to their elected representatives — and I hope you’ll be a part of it. Mr. Trump’s lawlessness has already resulted in 10 offenses worthy of impeachment, and Congress cannot continue to skirt around acting on them, especially when the public overwhelmingly demands impeachment.
We’ve identified members of the Judiciary Committee and House Democratic leadership who were elected with a mandate for oversight and action. They are individuals with power to start impeachment hearings, or whose public support for impeachment would immediately start the process. And they need to hear from you.
Handwritten notes made a world of difference during the recent midterm elections, increasing turnout and connecting members of this community all across the country. Now we’re harnessing that same power to bring this message to our elected officials: We expect action on impeachment, now.
Before Mr. Trump commits an 11th impeachable offense, we need Congress to begin proceedings to remove him from office now. Get your request in before the deadline next Thursday, February 28.
Thanks, Tom Steyer
Need to Impeach


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