Maybe This Business Credit Card Will SPARK You

Maybe This Business Credit Card Will SPARK You

Would it Spark your startup company to have one more business credit card? Easy to get with a referral.

Power your startup company with this additional credit line. Build up financial strength in your company and stop using your personal credit. A little more spending power than many credit lines makes the Spark card your next good addition to your wallet. You may find that your favorite store credit cards come from the same bank. Managing Capital One store cards can result in a high balance business card.

CapitalOne Spark Card Referral

My Spark card is one of my best corporate assets. Now I can offer you a referral link that will get you bonuses for opening a business account and use it right away. I recommend this card that worked for me and my startup company.

CLICK HERE To Apply For Business Credit

CLICK HERE For A CapitalOne Business Credit card That Worked For Me


Have A CapitalOne corporate credit card already?

Then please don’t apply for a second Spark, or related, business credit card using this referral page.

Businesses must be new Capital One Business credit or charge card customers to apply. Also you cannot already have any Capital One Business credit or charge card accounts. This  doesn’t exclude holders of department store or merchant credit cards in your name.



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