What Are The Chances For More COVID-19 Stimulus Money Payments

What Are The Chances For More COVID-19 Stimulus Money Payment?

You know what? The Chances For More COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments depends on how loudly we demand Congress make more money available. As people get behind on their bills, debts, and mortgages -for over 2 months now, this is not just for a quick stimulus. This money is a needed corrective response to the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic in order for Americans to prevent the complete loss of their assets. Demand funds be distributed so people can catch up with their bills, taxes, and other financial responsibilities.

This is hardly the time for more of Trump’s attempts to eliminate health care for millions. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have already tried and failed to pass a FULL repeal of the Affordable Care Act. These same Republican’ts are blocking ANY additional aid to you and me. Meanwhile he’s handing out millions to large corporations ad small cronies who don’t even need it. They will not do the right thing unless tremendous pressure from the complaining Americans to move them.

Protect Our Economy. Pass a 2nd $1,200 Stimulus.

Sign the petition to get involved in saving your family from COVID-19 and financial emergency.

Petition to the Senators
Fight For It Now!!


Do you need another infusion of stimulus money? You better get involved and fight for it. Demand Congress to pass another stimulus payment!

  • Local businesses need customers. Working families still need to eat and pay bills.
  • Let’s get the economy back on its feet, and help us get safely back to work.
  • Tell the Republican’t Party’s politicians to  act sooner rather than later. This is about more than politics: We need to reignite the economy and get back on our feet NOW.
  • Get them to act before people start getting evicted and foreclosed on.
  • Approve another $1,200 stimulus check. Do you need another infusion of stimulus money? You better get involved and fight for it. Demand Congress and the Republican’t Senate to pass it before more damage happens.

Trump was demanding his name be printed on paper checks. a move that could DELAY the funds and leave Americans struggling to make ends meet.

This is unconscionable: First, Trump failed to quickly respond to the threat of coronavirus while we still had time to slow its spread. Now, it’s obvious he cares more about getting credit for sending stimulus checks than he cares about people quickly receiving them. Or getting any more aid. We need to show that Democrats refuse to let Trump’s ego put more Americans in debt or danger.

What Trump Did Instead

So he made a letter on White House stationary. It was kind of cheap looking compared to White House letters I’ve received in the past. Democratic legislators like Elizabeth Warren in Congress did all the work. Then Trump comes in after the fact to attach his name to the payment anyways.

Click Here To See The Letter Trump sent me a month after the payment was deposited into my bank account.

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Petition to the Senators
Fight For It Now!!



Answer the Quick poll: What grade do you give our political leaders for handling the current financial crisis?

Need, License, Check, Cell Phone to get economic impact stimulus money

See Me Filling Out The Online Form
This Video shows how to apply for people who have not filed taxes in at least 2 years and have no prior payment relationship with the IRS.

Remember: The cost of prevention is way less than the cost of getting infected. Take steps now to protect yourself and your loved ones. Use sterilization tools at home and work.


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