Use Monk Fruit Juice As A Sugar Substitute

Using Monk Fruit Juice Extract As A Superior Substitute For Refined Sugars

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of how refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can be replaced with the healthiest substitute, Monk Fruit juice. You’ll see where it comes from and how your body reacts to it in a recent FDA study.

Why I Like Chocolate Sweetened with Monk Fruit

Refined sugar is a very big problem in the typical American diet. Our kids consume about 400 calories from sugar of a 2000 calorie standard. which is well above how much sugar the United States Department of Agriculture recommends. They state that the excess sugar is contributing unnecessary calories to kids diets. They do this everyday.

cross section of monk fruitThese days it’s sometimes challenging to find something nutritious and yet filling, yet be something that they like to eat. Moms feed their kids foods that they think are healthy, but they’re loaded with hidden and even needless sugars. American children are getting about 25 percent of their calories from snacks. So that means that snacks must be nutritious snack-meals.

Monk fruit concentrate is the best natural fruit-based sweetening ingredient. Use monk fruit in your favorite snacks and drinks because it will help reduce sugar intake. It can be used in juices and other beverages, can be used in dairy products, as well as grains in foods that Americans eat every day.

Full scale implementation on monk fruit and other fruit sources would be a great way to make a real dent in our national and personal daily sugar intake. There are few companies making candy with monk fruit sweetening. This is a very realistic substitute for sugar in making all varieties of chocolate. This would be a great idea to explore first for your sugar free diet.

WHERE CAN I FIND MONK FRUIT SWEETENED PRODUCTS? Come inside this online store for sugar free chocolates and flavoring syrups and chocolate sauces. Use the coupon code – motiv8ionn8ion for 10% off anything in the store Get the best sugarless chocolates and flavored syrups at ChocZero

best value sugarless Chocolate

Want to see a video of me trying this sugarless chocolate out? You’ll see my first experiment with their sugar free chocolate keto bark to see how it melts into a warm beverage.
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