How we win in 2020 Democratic Debates

How We Win In 2020 With Tom Steyer: Democratic Primary Debates

Use the Democratic presidential primary debates as a key time to leverage common support for the issues we are concerned about be represented in the debates by all our candidates. Tom Steyer has a plan to win in 2020. Read on to see it for yourself, then get in contact and get involved. Also in this email, it’s time for the wealthy to pay up.

We’re officially a week away from the next Democratic primary debate. That means in just one week we’ll have another chance to hear from the candidates on all our top issues — and this time they’ll all be on one stage together!

The primary debates are a great opportunity to engage with the candidates and build support around key political issues. They’re also a key moment for us to rally around the importance of the upcoming election. Here at Indivisible Action, we’re building tools, writing policy resources, and training folks so we can do the work to win. There’s more on our election strategy below, but if you’re ready to support it, send a $5 donation today to keep the Blue Wave rolling into 2020.

We just got the good news, this campaign has qualified for the October debate. This is a primary goal, and it means a national stage for our ideas.
I promise to use my airtime to highlight the need for leadership in our government and the White House that will respond to the will of the American people — we deserve a president who can see the truth, and take action.
I hope you’ll tune in.

Keep Steyer in the democrat debates

Our Strategy going into the primary debates…

We’ve got a plan to win in 2020. It involves three key steps:

  • Weaken Trump in Washington
  • Nominate the best candidate in the primaries
  • Use our grassroots power to win the public debate

Of course, each of these steps requires a plan. To weaken Trump’s hold on Washington, we’re building pressure from local groups across the country. Together with partners in Congress, Indivisibles are pushing back against the administration’s hateful and undemocratic agenda, using tactics like phone calls, rallies, and constituent meetings.

If we’re going to win, though, it takes more than just weakening Trump we need strong, inspiring candidates. That’s where key moments like Democratic primary debates come in, and it’s why initiatives like our Indivisible Pledge to make the primary constructive and rally around the winner are so important. It’s why we’re praising candidates publicly when they take bold stances on our issue and why we’re speaking out when they don’t.

The message must be given clearly during the televised primary debates. Think of the debates primarily as a showcase of progressive plans of action.

In races up and down the ballot, all across the country, we plan to throw all our grassroots power into transforming the electoral map. We’re pushing back against traditional notions of “electability” to focus on candidates building broad, multiracial coalitions of support from every corner of the nation. Let the candidates speak for themselves at the primary  debates.

To do that work, we need money to pay for the tools, training, and resources that will prepare us for victory. So please: make a gift of $5 or more tonight to fund Indivisible Action and our work for 2020 and beyond!

How We’re Implementing It

We know this strategy can work because a similar one led us to some historic victories in 2018. We saw that the best candidates win regardless of so-called “electability” when they have the resources and grassroots support from Indivisibles to get their message out there.

So we’re getting tools to Indivisibles across the nation to build that support and hold candidates accountable to the issues constituents really care about. Here are just some of the resources we’re rolling out:

  • Debate watch guides to help make sense of where the candidates stand and what the most important issues are. Monitor he primary debates.
  • Event mapping tools to connect Indivisibles with watch parties, rallies, and town hall meetings in their area.
  • Communications tools like email, text message, and social media to keep Indivisibles up to date and informed.
  • Trainings and guides on important political tactics to make sure our activism, whether over the phone, online, or in person, has the biggest impact possible.

These tools are essential to getting as many people as possible involved in our 2020 strategy. But every one of them costs money to produce and maintain, and staff resources to keep up-to-date. With the primary heating up, we need to make sure we can scale these resources to get them out to everyone who needs them. Please, donate $5 today to implement our winning election strategy, nominate a candidate we can all stand behind and support all of Indivisible Action’s work.

If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express Lane, your donation to Indivisible Action will go through immediately:

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This election is truly a time to pull out all the stops. Whatever you can do to pitch in whether it’s organizing your community, making a phone call, or sending a donation helps to elect leaders who share our priorities. Thank you for all the work you do to bring this movement to life.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Tell Them It’s High Time That The Rich Should Pay Up Their Fair Share.

It’s time for the wealthy to pay up.

As a billionaire, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m entitled under current Republican law to pay less on my annual taxes than most Americans. For years, the GOP has claimed that if other wealthy families and I pay less in taxes, magically, everyone else will benefit.
As a former investor, I’ll let you in on another secret: none of that actually works. 
I believe that it’s time for a new wealth tax in this country: 1% annually on the wealthiest 0.1% of Americans. That’s a negligible amount for the richest among us, but will make a massive difference to our country — add your name if you’re with me.
Tax cuts for the richest Americans only benefit the richest Americans. And it’s not fair to the millions of hard-working people who aren’t worth $32 million. It means roads aren’t getting fixed, schools aren’t being properly funded, and too many people can’t find affordable housing.
I’ll pay more under my own tax law, and that’s a good thing. Our country gets stronger when we all do our part, not when the powerful write laws that benefit themselves at the cost of everyone else. 
As president, I’ll put people first, and that starts with instituting a simple wealth tax that would go a long way in covering the costs of mitigating climate change with clean energy investments, upgrading our voting machines, paying off national student debts, and more.
Say you’re with me:

Add your name

Thank you,
Tom Steyer

They Are Trumping Up Racism In The USA

We’ve seen, time and time again, that there are virtually no limits on the cruelty that the Trump administration is willing to enact on immigrant and asylum-seeking children and families. From locking people in cages and refusing them access to basic necessities, to leaving children alone and deporting their parents, to attempting to illegally block asylum altogether. These policies are part of a full-on assault on immigrants and refugees.

Just a few weeks ago, 129 Democrats joined congressional Republicans and voted to give the administration even more funding to continue this hateful, fearmongering agenda. And as we write this, ICE is raiding the budgets of other departments including FEMA, pulling an additional $271 million from emergency relief and other sources to continue attacking and traumatizing immigrants.

These are not our values, and it’s up to us to resist these repeated attacks. We’ve got a plan to push back at the federal level, which we’ll articulate below. If you’d like to learn more about our work or donate to support it, read on.

A Week of Action

Tomorrow, we’re launching our Defund Hate Week of Action -a major push to fight back against the racist Trump agenda. Our ask for our members of Congress is threefold: cut funding for ICE and CBP to stop these outrageous abuses of power, eliminate the slush fund for ICE that effectively grants Trump a blank check for his administration’s deportation agenda, and prevent ICE from stealing money from other agencies. So we’re providing Indivisibles the resources it will take to make sure our members of Congress listen.

The Defund Hate Week of Action will include:

  • A National Call-In Day (tomorrow, September 9). Indivisibles nationwide are planning to call our elected officials in Washington, demanding they commit to cutting funding for ICE and CBP.
  • Events hosted by local Indivisible groups across the country. All week, Indivisibles will be hosting rallies and visiting Congressional offices to pressure members of congress and build visibility to #DefundHate. As of Friday, there were 121 events already scheduled.
  • Social Media Actions. Indivisibles are recording video testimonies and posting messages across social media to build momentum and power the conversation, letting Congress know that we stand Indivisible against hate.

To make all these actions possible, we’ve built toolkits and other resources to help Indivisibles turn up the heat in districts across the country. These tools are critical to push back against hate, but they don’t come cheap. Here’s an example of just some of the costs we’re incurring to roll out these initiatives:

  • Email tools, to keep Indivisibles like you informed — $1,914 a week
  • Calling tools, to make it simple and straightforward to let your MoC know where you stand — $6,000 a week
  • Rally signs, buttons, and stickers for local group events — $12,000 for the week
  • Web hosting for our Defund Hate site — $250 a week

That’s just for this week, and it’s not to mention the hours and hours of policy research and the salaries for staff who make all of this work possible.

we are indivisible

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