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Malcolm Nance on Bob Cesca Show

Malcolm Nance Explains Putin’s Programming of Trump

When the Russians want to program an intelligence asset to be a useful idiot, they put “framing” around that person. That means they first open the ears with flattery and appeals to personal foibles. Then they can infect the mind with propagandized world view. That’s why Trump always conforms to Moscow’s version of world events and even takes Putin’s word for it that he didn’t hack our last election. Trump thinks that he is a fully fledged member of the global elite and in reality is just a money-laundering dupe. Dupes don’t make very good leaders, as we can see and hear every day we’re stuck with Hillary’s seat warmer. I don’t hate this president, I simply am righteously indignant that Trump’s crimes frauds and childish lies are creating an existential crisis for this nation. A crisis that continues until the banishment of the Republican’t Party.

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Malcolm Nance With Bob Cesca Discussing The Plot To Destroy Democracy

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The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

I heard Malcolm Nance talk about that and his new book on the best syndicated liberal talk show in what’s left of America. You should hear the great guests talk on the Stephanie Miller Show!
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Malcolm Nance On the Bob Cesca Show

Malcolm had checked into the Bob Cesca Show to give the listeners an idea of what Donald Trump’s entanglements with Putin are about. I believe this is most of what he said on the air.

Bob Sesca:

The first thing I want to ask you is do you feel like now. I mean, I’m trying to look at the cup half full and all of this. Do you feel like after Helsinki that the dam might actually be breaking. That we might have seen some people turn around and realize that, oh shit all of you people talking about Russia you’re actually right do you feel like that’s happening?

Malcolm Nance:

Well, to a certain extent. I’ve got a little bit of a bone to pick with the media you know. I wrote the Plot to Hack America five weeks before the election. It was actually published five weeks before the election actually. Well I wrote it in five weeks from July 25th and I turned it in September 2nd 2016. It went to print and was available online September 23rd. The exact same day Obama was receiving an almost identical report from the CIA. And the only difference between the two was my Russian operation was was labeled Operation Lucky Seven and the CIA and FBI called it Operation Grisly Step.

Trump’s Indifference IS the Difference

That’s the only difference between the two reports. When Obama came out and the CIA released their report, I had an interview where somebody said how does it feel to have the CIA endorse your findings. So that book got seen were? Other than MSNBC, received zero media, zero. Not one book review, not one request for interviews. Not from New York Times. Now we did get some from National Public Radio and on the media they did a couple, but zero and it sold a hundred thousand copies in two years. So now, you know, I have Plot to Destroy Democracy. Its out and a much bigger book with a national level publisher and everything that occurred on Monday is in my book. With the exception of choosing Helsinki, I predicted that Trump would be meeting with Putin, and I predicted how he is being handled by Putin.


Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
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I spell out very clearly the entire Russian long-range strategy…

that they have for Europe in the United States and it’s all coming to fruition. So for an intelligence practitioner like myself is terrifying. You never want to see your assessment come into play right? Theoretically you have agencies and organizations a White House that would take your assessment and start throwing resources at it and say, “Well screw this we’re not going to let that happen to democracy!” That’s not happening here. What’s happening here is we actually have a president who is furthering the plan that I wrote about in both of these books.

Malcolm Sounds the Alarm On Joy Reid Show

I think it was a twenty sixth day of July. The day after the DNC had that big Bernie bro revolution that was based on WikiLeaks leading all that information out. I had never met Joy Reid before. I’ve never done a segment with her and all she knew was what? “NBC told me Malcolm Nance has something to say.” Like three o’clock that afternoon, I go on into the Independence Hall set and said go ahead. Joy Reid looks at me she goes, “Oh Malcolm Nance, MSNBC terrorism analyst, I hear you have something you’d like to say.” I said the United States is under attack in a broad range cyber warfare attack. The WikiLeaks releases were done just to split the Democratic Party in half to enable Donald Trump’s victory. On the minute I left that studio I went home and I started an intelligence assessment of how the Russians had to organize. Who they would have cooperated with to make Donald Trump president.

That assessment…

I would have done it if it was the President of Burundi right. It doesn’t matter. The processes all work the same, and so long as the data comes together, you can make a yea or a nay or a maybe type of assessment. When I finished it, I thought this game is on. I mean, when I when I saw the Russian hacking of the DNC I thought no one does Watergate out of the clear blue sky. This is Watergate 2.0, which was the name of the first chapter of that book. So I said this is done to benefit one individual and it’s not Hillary Clinton. You know that assessment was absolutely spot-on and you know it gave me something to talk about for two years. You know, from time to time I really wished it that when there are these small terrorist attacks, I feel like wow, I’m gonna get a break. Yeah right. It never works out.

Well, you know. Regarding the DNC and that aspect that prong of it. I’ve been looking at that quite extensively especially over the last four or five days. Especially since the indictments were handed out on Friday with the 12 GRU agents and some of the details involved in that, those indicted documents, and one of them being that they were able to get their hands on the DNC’s voter Analytics. That you know they were stolen by the GRU. One of the many documents that they stole, this is a rather alarming to me, I don’t know how you’re necessarily evaluating this. But from where I’m sitting Trump tells Putin's liesthat particular set of documents, those DNC voter analytics could have given Russia certainly, if not the Trump campaign, to the ability to micro-target Democratic voters. To convince them to either vote for a third party like Jill Stein, to stay home on Election Day, or even to switch over to Trump. In the cases of some of those voters that actually cast ballots for Barack Obama in 2012 and then famously or infamously switched over to Donald Trump in 2016. If that is a fair assessment of of how you can actually apply those documents to sway voters hearts and minds before an election.

Those analytics are going to be found on someone’s computer

You’re absolutely right. When I heard about the analytics, I went straight to battle stations. Those analytics are going to be found on someone’s computer. The GRU may have taken them, but it’s quite possible that they passed them all along with everything else the whole bunch to WikiLeaks. So it’s quite possible Cambridge Analytica has them in their possession or the Trump data team has them in their possession or individuals in one of those organizations. Whoever has that, because I don’t think the Russians would just say. ‘okay now we have the analytics here’s everybody that Hillary Clinton was targeting for advertisements and targeting for you know speeches and fundraisers.’ That’s one thing. That has to be converted into a psychological warfare weapon system using someone. The only people who could really use that is Donald Trump’s team. Having that data would give them every name that voted for Barack Obama. Now imagine those voters being cross-referenced with Cambridge Analytica’s work and the internet research agency making propaganda products.

I want to caution you here…

there were more than one psychological warfare information warfare team out there. I had estimated that there were multiple internet research agencies. Although I think what I call RFIRA so I don’t confuse them with the Irish Republican Army. The RFIRA internet research agency was out there doing focused targeting specifically for Trump in the US election in order to operate as their information warfare management team. I also assess in my book that there would be a GRU military component who would be responsible for hacking and cracking and stealing. Which exactly there was and that there there may also be more indictments at a higher level in the Putin administration because there had to be what I called an IWC Iinformation Warfare management Cell. The information warfare management cell would be senior FSB officers. Psychological warfare officers, human intelligence officers, propaganda ministry officers. All of whom would be operating as an integrated team to get that information that the internet research agency and the GRU was stealing and developing product for.

Trump Loves Russian Propaganda Ministry Officers

So the management level but you know not just for Gojan. He’s the civilian. He was just a dirty trick schemer for Vladimir Putin, but the military and Kremlin officers maybe even indicting Igor Setchin or, or everybody except Putin. If I was on this team I’d be indicting the hell out of Putin. I believe there’s a bit of data where someone said that when they hacked the internet research agency that they got a copy of the orders from the Kremlin So when they find that you can go after Putin personally. This is a fundamental attack on America and unless you get at the individual who gave the orders, you know. like saying you’re gonna have the Nuremberg trials and Hitler if he was alive wouldn’t be wouldn’t be indicted. You have to go after the entire chain of command and they have the chain of command. Because let me tell you, when we know the keystroke and login of every individual on every watch that they stood at the GRU’s own office, then we know who ordered them to do this.

Bob Cesca:

Let me ask you this Malcolm. Why do you think no one’s really looked into whether or not the, not necessarily votes were changed, like actual Boards of Elections was being hacked and vote totals changed on Election Day, but more in terms of why hasn’t it been looked at in terms of minds being changed by the disinformation campaign by the propaganda. That seems to me as if it’s the more appropriate way to look at it in terms of, well, they were engaged in this operation to change people’s minds and it looks like they did change people’s minds. Is there any way to evaluate that and to come up with some sort of analytics that tell us whether or not those minds were changed by the propaganda? Or if it was just an organic process.

Malcolm Nance:

Well I think the Senate Intelligence Committee is looking at that. They’re looking at the- trying to get a measurement of how much influence was put into this campaign. I don’t even like to use the phrase changing minds. What was hacked here was not just the DNC servers. They hacked the mind set of the electorate through the news media. This is why you have Trump’s statement about ‘Russia if you’re listening the US news media will reward you greatly’ you know. Constantin Recov was the head of Russia’s TV the first TV cable channel. He’s a Ted Turner of Russia and he wrote a Facebook post two days after the election of Trump where he essentially confessed that he and the Trump team were communicating and taking part in this information warfare operation.

Facebook Weaponized For Trump’s Benefit

It’s out there which called Rykov’s Confession that’s R y k o v, where he says, and I have it in my book in the chapter on Donald Trump. On the night of the re-election of Barack Obama and set and when he offered for Russia to help him run for president. Trump DM’ed (Direct Messaged) him the thumbs-up from his airplane, and seven days later registered Make America Great PAC. This is 2012 and that occurred job and then Rekov says that that they wanted to go after the psycho types he called it of American voters and that Trump and their campaign had hired Cambridge analytical to do this. This is two days after the election, though very few people knew about this, and he spelled out that it was a four-year plan. Again, this guy is one of Putin’s closest advisers.



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Constantin Rekov

He’s the Ted Turner of Russia and it turned and Channel One Television, TV One in Russia, was actually one of the first pioneers of using this Russian information warfare technique through television media. So he would know, and we really need to understand that, it was the American public’s mind that was hacked and the meta-narrative was simple. Hillary Clinton is a bitch and you can’t trust her and don’t vote for her and Donald Trump is awesome.

Bob Cesca:

So the next thing that I think we have to talk about, just generally speaking, is this revisionist history that took place yesterday with Donald Trump and the would versus wouldn’t, and he misspoke, and it was just the entire lie that surrounded that. It was obvious to me that he was lying because he was talking. He was saying words and usually when Donald Trump says words he’s lying or exaggerating something. But also, it was clear to me that even in that context he was still furthering the idea that, no, that what that it wasn’t the Russians. That it was in fact Democrats perpetrating a hoax by making it seem as if their servers were hacked. In this case the DNC server, which is why he keeps talking about where’s the server, where ‘s the server. He’s actually still playing that conspiracy theory that it was the Democrats who pretended as if their server was hacked. And now they’re trying to cover up the hoax by not letting the FBI investigators or Muller’s team or whoever have their email server. Which is absolutely ludicrous in and of itself.

Malcolm Nance:

Bob, everything you said was spoken to Vladimir Putin in that meeting. You know, I worked at NSA. I spent a lot of time on the headphones as we like to say and I can tell a lot by what a person says immediately after a meeting. You know, granted, it’s not a form of empirical scientific data collection, but it’s data collection and I can tell by a word. The way a person in flux and what what main themes that they hit on. It’s usually the things that are on the top of their head or which they’ve spoken about recently. For Trump to come out and lash out with the servers and all of that tells me that was just discussed in that meeting. And he was probably in there going ‘look they’re trying to tear me down.’ Putin was probably sympathizing with him, and he was going at his enemies in private, and then when he had a chance to tell the world, the only thing he forgot was the Seph Ridge conspiracy.

Yeah, that’s all that’s missing from that story. That was, that it was actually taken out by a flash memory and he was murdered by Hillary Clinton. Which is coming next because he appears to be very unhinged. So you know what more can we say, but whatever the Helsinki conference was, that first summit was such an amazing disaster I mean such a catastrophe for Donald Trump. But Donald Trump is too stupid to know it.

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Bob Cesca: 

That’s what made him such an easy target for Putin in the first place. It’s that he was easily manipulable obviously they had a psychological profile on him going and they were able to develop that through actually watching his moves and you know when he went home to Russia and even back here.

Malcolm Nance:

Well you know, there’s I think there was a recent article by I can’t recall who wrote it. By someone who said that Donald Trump has been working for the Russians since the 80’s. Jonathan Jay. that was him. I didn’t read it because I don’t read other certain materials that come too close to my book. He’s wrong. The Russians had a lot of data about Donald Trump since 1982 and I assess all of that in my book. Because my chapter on Donald Trump comes from the perspective that Russia created these meta-narratives around him. These themes that they injected into his worldview, so that his worldview whether he knew it or not, was a Russian worldview. So by surrounding them with people rich people, money, who were constantly telling him, you know. America bad. Democracy bad, Russia good. Our women are hot. and they speak Russian in Crimea. Including his secret meeting at the Nobu restaurant with the 12 richest oligarchs of Russia. Donald Trump adopted their view their perspectives and this is an information management or information warfare technique called perception. As my Arabic instructor used to say, it’s in you like the black is in your skin. It’s true. Trump now believes everything that Russia has framed around him. A framework of information so no matter what he does or what he thinks, he will always default to Moscow’s view. No matter what US intelligence report’s in front of him -it’s a lie. Yeah, and Trump being a believer of conspiracy theories, probably went out there and was like ‘the CIA a bunch of liars.’ Well the tape you know proves the KGB officer buddy told him. So now he’s incorporated that into his life.

Bob Cesca:

So their profile on Trump that they’ve accumulated since, clearly since 1982, they used that information to fashion statements and things that will trigger Donald Trump to do x and y per their needs. Right? Is that what you’re saying?

Malcolm Nance:

Well no. That information of seven years of communist collection against him, including the times that he went to Moscow and St. Petersburg to create a Trump Tower. That’s just going to give them a basis of a psychological report. They would have done updated that greatly when they saw that he was spending a lot, taking Russian money for apartment buildings to see where him transition into the role of a useful idiot. Someone who is doing things for their own personal benefit and they don’t care where the money comes from. Then, by after 2012, he becomes an unwitting asset. Unwitting in the sense that he doesn’t know who was helping him between 2012 and 2013. I had said that Donald Trump I said this on television many times. I’ve said he became a witting asset on July 27th 2017. Now I no longer believe that. I believe he became a witting asset in November 2013 when he met at the Miss Universe pageant and met with the oligarchs. I think a deal was cut in there. I believe from that day onward his entire worldview was Moscow’s worldview.

Trump World = Putin’s Worldview

It was 2010 through 2012, you know again, the way that he sees the world. You knew he was a racist islamaphobe before, that now he’s just a racist islamaphobe who suddenly got an education on how things happened in the rest of his world. Once he got that, then it became his entire grounding of foreign policy. His entire grounding of how the world worked and he- got to remember another thing. He is was now on the stage with the richest of the ultra elite. The guys who have a 50 million dollar boat and the boat has a boat dock in it. Right? And a helicopter. Trump doesn’t have that kind of money. There is that that class of complete ultra elite who, when they operate in the rest of the world, they have a complete indifference to money because they make so much that they just cannot, they just don’t even involve themselves in the world. It’s- I make this joke that the people Trump is dealing with are like Ernst Stavro Blofeld from James Bond. He’s an insane billionaire. Money no longer has a meaning to him, and all that all he does is, he sees the world as something that needs to be brought under control. Trump is windowed. Trump met with those people in 2013 and they gave him his worldview, and I’m sure they said we would like to bring you along with us. We would really like to have you with us, but this level of loyalty exceeds nations except Russia. Because it’s led by an ex KGB officer who created this system. What he really wants is he wants Trump to bring the United States into an axis of autocracies. He needs to disable American democracy in favor of a foreign autocracy, and Putin is going to be the leader of that team.

Making The Outcome By Subterfuge

Long ago when I was young and stupid and very bored, because I was in Bahrain. I read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I completely ignored the romance story, was so lame, but you know one story that got me was how the young guy who came out of nowhere who was sort of stupid got hooked up in the syndicate that they had. Right? Yeah, and that it built all of these cronies and psycho fans into government, And that that’s supposedly what the rich are architecting and the beautiful John Galt and the beautiful Daphne were all running away from to their mountain resort of intellectuals. Into the Rockies. Away from a government which was thoroughly corrupt and everyone was in it to make a buck and that they were coordinating how bucks were made. That’s precisely what is going on in this government. There is no one that is in this government who that, that calls themselves a Trump supporter, that is not there to ride the coattails of Donald Trump’s supposed billions. Let me tell you something. That needs to happen for him to create an autocracy and the way you do that is, you get control of government and then you work as hard as you can to make it so that you always win those elections you know to a certain extent. You jury rig ‘em, you cheat legally so to speak. So that everything that happens from this point onward is validated through a democratic election and so you technically remove your rights and become an autocracy through democratic representative democracy. That’s the evil at part of this plan.

We’re gonna vote ourselves out of our rights because 50% of the nation doesn’t show up 30% of the nation is so mobilized that they are willing to cheat at any cost whatsoever!

The ones that are doing it legitimately are boxed out through gerrymandering and caging. The precedent that will put in photo registration laws, which I saw this morning, they were saying if the elections are being influenced by Russia that we need 100% voter ID laws around America. This is the way that the American experiment will die and I’m sorry, but I’ve been on radio and television and I’ve been all ‘Shouty McShoutface’ because I believe we’re within 110 days of the end of the of American democracy. The 2018 November right midterm election will determine whether democracy lives or dies in this country. If Democrats lose and they don’t take the house at the very minimum, or the Senate, we’re done! It’s over and done for good for because at that point there will be no guardrails. These last two separate -in the first two in a major round of indictments there were certain things he had to do right away. He had to go after Flynn, he had to go after Papadopoulos, he had to go after Gates and Manefort right away. Right out the box. I’d like to tell this little story which I know actually happened this actually happened. In the way that I can tell is that, you know hey, I’m an intelligence guy. We rebuild activities on the basis of an observance. Like our airplane shows up in Greenland and that was coming from Philadelphia. You don’t have to tell me everything that happened. I know what happened from the moment that I got pulled out of a hangar in Philadelphia, miraculously shows up in Cleveland. We do this with Russian bombers and Libyan attack helicopters we can tell what happened between A and B because things must happen between A and B. So you can you know it didn’t just miraculously appear.

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And they thought Richard Nixon was paranoid. Trump had decades of both searing guilt. Plus Russian and Faux News Channel disinformation. He has based his worldview on fear not facts. This is the Frankenstein construct of global criminal fascism.

Several books by top investigators are all reporting the same thing. We have been cheated out of the most qualified Presidential candidate. Instead a petty usurper with foreign aid money and tactics squats in Hillary’s House showing the world that he’s dangerously unqualified. Trump is just barely self aware enough to be in denial.

What disasters would have happened already if White House staff and trusted henchmen alike have to keep boy Trump’s training wheels on.


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