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Malcolm Nance Explains Potential RICO Charges To Come

Malcolm Nance Explains Potential RICO Charges To Come

Malcolm Nance says RICO Racketeering laws may be brought into force against decades of Donald Trump’s financial crimes. If you read his “….Deal” book you know it teaches Soviet style negotiation to real estate hopefuls. If you know his private money funding partners, you know a who’s who of Russian oligarchs and organized crime families. Trump never told the hopeful Trump University investors that they could never duplicate his success in real estate without cheating with mob money. I don’t hate this president, I simply am righteously indignant that Trump’s crimes frauds and childish lies are creating an existential crisis for this nation. A crisis that continues until the banishment of the Republican’t Party.

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Malcolm Nance With Stephanie Miller discussing The Plot To Destroy Democracy

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The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

I heard Malcolm Nance talk about that and his new book on the best syndicated liberal talk show in what’s left of America. You should hear the great guests talk on the Stephanie Miller Show!
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Malcolm Nance With Stephanie Miller Wednesday, Sept 12 2018

Malcolm had checked into the Stephanie Miller Show to give the listeners an idea of what Donald Trump’s indictments may look like. I believe this is some of what he said on the air.

Malcolm Nance:

The June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower secret documents reviewed by BuzzFeed revealed previously undisclosed aspect of the meeting. A complex web of financial transactions among some of the planners and participants who move money from Russia and Switzerland to the British Virgin Islands Bangkok and a small office park in New Jersey. I think it was February 2017. Somewhere around there, I came out and said hey this is Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations. (RICO law) I mean that’s what I was saying is that we’re looking at the enormity of it. Not just how he got elected, and what’s happened since then, but you know Muller is gonna get him for three decades of financial crimes. Of money laundering and I all of this stuff. You know I come back to that story that actually happened. Robert Muller sat down on his first day. He read through everything Comey had left on his desk. And by 3:00 that afternoon he called and hired his first hire the former director of the Treasury Financial Crimes Division. What does that tell you? What was in the report?

What does that tell you?

Then he hired 16 more of the top financial prosecutors in the United States. Yeah well, the thing is money’s dirty. Because that’s how you catch spies. You follow people who compromised themselves with money . We were talking about Rudy Giuliani. I mean first of all, the stuff we hear in the Woodward book. Just that, I mean how dangerous it is. He knows this is going to impeachment. He’s trying to create a popular base that believe in a bubble of 100% disinformation. I think there was an analysis recently about why Trump every morning tweets “no collusion.” He understands that his dim-witted base are going to just take that in mind so that when real conspiracy is proven they won’t believe it anyway. So this is Giuliani’s, not a lawyer okay he doesn’t even play one on television. He is a con man’s barker and he is out there trying to sell something. You know, he’s the guy in the audience. When the guru, that when the snake oil salesman goes this will cure you of hair loss. He runs up with a wig on and goes I drank it I’m cured! This is precisely what’s happening.


Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know


I mean um, so he did this little Twitter rant right before he goes to prison. He kind of went Trumpy and he implied shadowy political forces in Australia and the UK had targeted to him. I mean, he obviously told I mean, lied to the FBI about the fact, and he said he did it to protect Trump. It’s about gaming the refs. They have nothing. Nothing that is going to stop the the true evidence that’s coming out and believe me. I know quite a bit about how the process works but when we start getting into real intelligence, which will have to be declassified and scrubbed for Muller’s report, we’re talking where these guys think that they’re going. And if they are struck for relief, leaking a media strategy. Wait till they find out that Struck, who headed the counterintelligence division, the spy under division had dozens of agents under him hunting down people who were Russian spies. You can get rid of Struck, but you’re not going to get rid of the effort of all of these people who hunted down Carter page and Manefort, and Papadopoulos, and maybe others, in conspiracy with Moscow.

Implausible Denial Ability

And when that stuff comes up, which will be backed up by real intelligence now turned into evidence, there it’s almost laughable it’s like it’s like a little kid pointing at it and saying, you know, gremlins ate all the cookies out of the cookie jar. When we’re coming up with infrared video of everything they’re done they’re done and done. I Tweeted that Donald Trump is a pathological liar and does not have the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. That’s pushing like 20,000 likes at this point. Why do we have to keep coming out and saying this? Why do people who are pundits, not the journalists, come out. Not do the full Steve Schmidt and every time he walks out. This man is a pathological liar. Everything he says about 9/11 is a lie. He could not be allowed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania which he made about himself. We’re in danger with with this man’s beliefs with with his psychosis and we have good people on both sides. All want to turn essentially a blind eye and think that he’s gradually grading himself up to this. Whereas people have been- look Ted Cruz called him a con man. Mitt Romney and all these other people but for their own self-aggrandizement or enrichment they go along with him, and you know it’s, it’s just, we just have to put a stop to it.

Stephanie Miller:

Bob Woodward Fear Trump RICO scandal indictments coming
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I said it first of all. I never thought I’d read a more terrifying book than yours but Bob Woodward’s book? Fear. I mean oh, and just after I saw him at Active Measures, I said you know what we need? Patriots to come out. Patriots to come out November 6th and take our democracy back and then let’s have a you know a free and fair debate again about ideas This is, well you know, I’ve been calling for months that someone should organize a national mobilization and I think it’s coming. Really it’s going to be a massive pre-election mobilization. Where we come out. You’re like, I feel like we may hear more about that at Sexy Liberal Show DC.

Malcolm Nance:

I mean, if you had Rick Santorum form the Tea Party, well what if we all said we’re gonna stand for America. We’re gonna stand for democracy both Republican and Democrat. If you do that three days before the election you will have a wave election and everyone needs to participate in it. In standing for the values of this nation. I really feel that by the time we get near Election Day, boy I think Woodward level outrages will be so far in the norm that you know people will be abandoning ship on this guy.

The Summary of the New Book

I really don’t like what I’m seeing and if that requires you to be afraid, be afraid. Yeah. Get your happy butts out there and start mobilizing people. Start taking this game on! Yes we’re the people who are going to be the cavalry. If we’re going to stand up for this then everyone needs to spread the word. Right, and get people who are apathetic you know, to start talking about this!

save democracy and democratic elections america
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And they thought Richard Nixon was paranoid. Trump had decades of both searing guilt and Faux News Channel disinformation based on fear not facts. This is the Frankenstein construct of global criminal fascism.

Several books by top investigators are all reporting the same thing. We have been cheated out of the most qualified Presidential candidate. Instead a petty usurper with foreign aid money and tactics squats in Hillary’s House showing the world that he’s dangerously unqualified. Trump is just barely self aware enough to be in denial.

What disasters would have happened already if White House staff and trusted henchmen alike have to keep boy Trump’s training wheels on.


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