Nance Has Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plot

Malcolm Nance Interview Includes Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plot

What role does Christopher Steele, Ivnka Trump and Sergei Lavrov have in the Russian plot to destroy our democratic elections? This is a case of strange bed-fellows that turn on each other when it is expedient. Malcolm Nance has them and more in his analysis for the intelligence community viewpoint. Conclusion? Trump-Putin collusion creates the most dangerous time in our nation’s history.

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
“The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It”

Aired on the morning of December 11, 2019. I believe this is what was said.

Stephanie Miller:

So I have to say now, we’re saying any one day in this presidency, whether it’s Helsinki, or whatever your favorite treasonous day is, but yesterday as articles are being introduced. There is Lavrov, in the Waterloo office with Trump, parroting Russian talking points. Pompey was standing there like a big dummy right? Lavrov contradicting that he said nothing about election interference. What happened? Talk to us about yesterday.

Malcolm Nance:

Well it’s just an utter disgrace, once again. Clearly Donald Trump had to come in for his annual handler’s evaluation and come and report to Vladimir Putin through is representative, Sergei Lavrov. Interesting side note. Somebody has a shadowy photo from the White House that shows Ivanka may have been in the room at the same time.

Stephanie Miller:

Malcolm, can we talk about that for a minute. How stunning that story is? That he’s friends with Ivanka Trump, I mean.

Malcolm Nance:

Well. No because I know Christopher Steele. I’ve spoken to him and you know, I’m not gonna spoil any confidences but I just find it amazing that Christopher Steele has dropped off of the Donald Trump I hate the fusion GPS playbook. Yeah, and almost all of a sudden.

Stephanie Miller:

Right. Because obviously he was so credible the Trump organization wanted to hire him. So yeah I mean it the whole thing is beyond comprehension.

Malcolm Nance Implicates Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plot Against America

Malcolm Nance:

Well, if you think about, Chris Steele was director of MI 6’s Russia desk in 2007 when he allegedly became associated in some way shape or form with Ivanka Trump, and what. Of course, if you’re chasing the Russian assets or Russian mafia contacts, or Westerners who were part of that global oligarchy, you’re going to run into the Trumps.

Nance Has Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plots
I mean I’ve written 3 books about it.

Stephanie Miller:

That’s exactly the irony, right? They wanted to hire him because of his Russia contacts, and has been reported previously. Malcolm, he went into this skeptically. He didn’t expect to find what he found it, and found it so disturbing, right?

Malcolm Nance:

Absolutely, and in fact, it was the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz, Republican, and his Republican backers who hired GPS to do this investigation of Donald Trump using Christopher Steele. So let’s just get that off the table right off the bat.

Stephanie Miller:

So can you react for second to Ted Cruz on Meet the Press last week parroting this Russian disinformation campaign about Ukraine.

Malcolm Nance:

Look, all of the conservatives, and I’m sure you’ve got my tweet out there somewhere, have decided to openly side with Moscow. Openly side with whatever Donald Trump says is good, and they’re all going to parrot those points no matter how treasonous. No matter how disgusting. No matter whether it literally comes from the lips of Vladimir Putin himself.

Which in the case of the Ukraine conspiracy theory that’s out there, that Ukraine had actually hacked the DNC with someone, and has a copy of a server or has the actual server in the Ukraine. This is disgraceful.

Disgraceful because all of US intelligence, the entire global consensus, is that Russia did it and now we have these Trump-Russia truthers as I call them out there. Who were right up there with 911 conspiracy theorists, Newtown being stage actors.

These people are a disgrace and they are out there pushing not just this conspiracy theory, but that we should side with Moscow on this and Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell everyone else, and the crazy alt left.

Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know

Stephanie Miller:

You tweeted about it. “Steve Scalise tweeted, the IG report proves Obama officials abused their FISA power to trigger an investigation into Trump’s campaign. Just more evidence the dems will break any rule to rig an election against Trump. these crooked bureaucrats must be held accountable.”

You said, this is a knowing willing bald faced lie. The report says no such thing.

Malcolm Nance:

Well in my book, The Plot To Betray America, it’s an organized effort. It is team Trump now. Let me tell you the first person to really start pushing what Steve Scalise said yesterday was Brad Parscal. Who as you might remember, in 2016 was the head of the Trump digital data team and is now the head of the Trump campaign.

I started getting bots almost immediately using his exact talking points of what he said. You know, what Steve Scalise said out there, being thrown into my Twitter feed.

The Trump data team has a Russia-like internet research agency on subcontract out there somewhere. Whether they’re volunteers, whether it’s just a whole disparate group of Republicans out there doing this, but the trolls and the bots out there who parroting¬† Moscow’s line are legion.

I don’t believe it comes from Moscow anymore, I think it is organic. I think it is part of the Trump campaign and I think they’ve decided that what ever Donald Trump says is legitimate and true. They don’t care any more whether it comes from Russia’s intelligence agency.

They are now all allies and I’ve written 2 books about this. I pull my hair out constantly screaming that they’re living within a Russian crafted information bubble that they love and that’s what? Vladimir Putin, good and all liberals, evil.

Stephanie Miller:

I mean, what. Describe to me your feelings when you watch the Attorney General of the United States of America, and also the media’s complicity in this I have to say. Sorry Pete Williams, but he’s asking about Ukraine, this theory.

He’s asking about the server and Barr’s playing dumb like, o I haven’t gotten into that yet. I don’t really know. Why didn’t Pete Williams say, excuse me you have been briefed. Senators have been briefed that this is a Russian disinformation campaign, this Ukraine conspiracy theory.

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It”

Malcolm Nance:

Well I’ll speak to this. Certainly speak to Bill Barr. Because he is Donald Trump’s consigliere in this. He is not the Attorney General of the United States.

I believe somebody said that he is Vladimir Putin’s Attorney General and he has all the promise and compromise as if he actually was the Kremlin’s crown prosecutor. He knows all of this. Every one of these Republicans know.

They have read the reports. Have been given the briefings. They have the classified organizations within their their organization the intelligence branches at justice. Who literaly give them the facts. They don’t care anymore, they are not loyal to the United States any more.

Stephanie Miller:

The Republicans were in Moscow July 4th. I mean, Malcolm, I assume because they hacked Republicans too. They have compromat, no??

Malcolm Nance:

Well of course they have compromised them but apparently you don’t need to use compromat on Republicans. Lindsey Graham is not being blackmailed.

He has been ideologically turned, and I’m sure that golf outing with Graham, Trump just said to him simply, I will destroy you by unleashing the hateful foot soldiers who are under me in South Carolina. Who are rabid and who would, if I were to suddenly call you living an alternate lifestyle, they would obliterate you.

You will side with me or you will be destroyed. Every Republican now feels that. The fear that they’re getting from Trump. So they now have taken their hoods off. They are living the life they have always wanted to.

Without fear of being called decent. With out the danger of being called politically correct. Without having to worry about when you say something horrible and racist and anti-semite, that someone will hold you accountable. There is no more accountability.

Stephanie Miller:

Speaking about racism and also the media’s role in this. In not repeating the mistakes of 2016. I keep saying this, Malcolm, for us to be aware on our side that Tulsi Gabbard didn’t just drop opposition research on Kamala Harris.

She dropped the Russian disinformation campaign on her that is designed to suppress the black vote. Just like they did last time and now she’s saying she’s not going to do the next debate even if she qualifies. She’s clearly getting ready to be the new Jill Stein.Nance Has Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plots

Malcolm Nance:

Tulsi Gabbard is the next Jill Stein. She is going to declare as an independent. Her job is to split off the Yang people when he drops out, and all these people who are these fractional libertarian left people who are out there. The Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi supporters.

All the same people would come into my Twitter feed and tell me that there is no Russian scandal. yeah and all right. They don’t read anything, okay? They’re like Trump voters. It’s just that they like to say that they are from the left. No they’re not from the libertarian left that connects with the alt right.

I call them alt lefters and they are just as dangerous. Because their job is to peel off Bernie supporters, Warren supporters, Yang supporters, Butigieg supporters, and say that there is a moral equivalence between conservatives and Democrats. That Democrats are all evil. This needs to be called out at every point.

Stephanie Miller:

Absolutely. We’re running short on time. That’s what I just keep saying, is that’s all we can do as our part of this. I just keep saying whoever your candidate is, it’s going to happen to them. By the Russian disinformation campaign.

So let’s stay United. Oh by the way, since they won’t drop the Chalupa on their side. Alexandria Chalupa, but you know obviously you’ve again written 3 books about this Malcolm, but here is the media in all of this.

She said the second it was public that Paul Manafort joined Trump’s campaign, the FBI should have investigated Putin’s top guy who propped up Moscow’s candidates in Ukraine. Helping elect the Russian mafia linked US Presidential candidate who praised Putin, was a 5 alarm fire. The end. Right? Where was the media? I mean, the where are they now?

Malcolm Nance:

Hey listen, okay.¬† I remember when Alexander Chalupa’s opposition research on Donald Trump was stolen in the DNC hacking and then released to Gawker. At the time and put out there in that Carl Rove-like exposure in order to get whatever she had in there. She was an innocent bystander in this entire thing.

Now she’s a Q Anon conspiracy target. That’s out there, but she is she is just enunciating what I enunciated when I went on air, in July 2016, the day before Trump declared his loyalty to Russia, and I said the United States is under attack.

Lavrov Steele connect through Ivanka to Trump says Malcolm Nance
How were we treated between that day and the election? Me, Sara Kendzior,  Navid Jamali, and others out there to Joy Reid.

When we were saying every day on air, the United States is under attack. Here’s the response we got. But, her emails. This Country is in the most dangerous year since 1860. We could come apart next November. Anyone that views themselves a loyal American, anyone that views themselves a patriot, will do everything they can to oppose this president.

By the way, who these two dems that want to vote in favor of Trump and against the impeachment? Where does this come from? It will give Trump of bi-partisan victory that he’s claimed.

Yeah. I mean, we have got to get out there and call our Congressmen and Senators. It’s time to make your voices heard.

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Nance Has Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in Russian Plots

Malcolm Nance Interview on Stephanie Miller Show. Learn how Trump-Putin story Includes Steele, Lavrov, and Ivanka Trump in the Russian Plot


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