Continuation Of Plot To Betray America Book Release Speech

Continuation Of A Malcolm Nance Speech On Plot To Betray America Book Release At Club Helsinki

After some discussion of how his books come into existence, it’s time to read a few excerpts from The Plot To Betray America. The presentation ends with an inspiring call to action. If enough Americans guard their information intake they can make cyber warfare resistible. If we simply show up to vote, we can transform our nation. Participation can render the limitless campaign contributions of globalist oligarchs a huge waste of money.

This is how the presentation by Malcolm Nance continues.

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It

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Malcolm Nance Books are useful for Trumpster deprogramming.

Malcolm Nance: Author of The Plot To Betray America

So. Let me see. Let me read, I want to read you this a little bit from the start. Because I love section one Organizing To Steal An Election. Betraying the oath in plain sight. Oh by the way, the what is it, what’s the paper in Albany. Times Union, yeah. They said, no one of these these right wing editors up there said, Malcolm Nance is a conspiracy theorist and he wrote in his last book on 11/6/2016, Vladimir Putin became the first Russian President of the United States. And I thought yea h. Got a problem with that? Two years later on, I’m still right. So I’m gonna read the first part.

On 7/1/27 2016 when Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for President of the United States, approached the podium to deliver a barn burner speech against his Democratic Party opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton, he knew he was about to betray his nation. Everything America had ever stood for was about to be burned to the ground. When he did this, he had but one goal, to win. To achieve his victory he was going to do something no other American in American history had dared. He would publicly and brashly demand that a hostile foreign power intercede on his behalf in the 2016 election for President of the United States.
Trump’s request was simple. He would ask the Russian intelligence agencies to steal the emails of his opponent and release them publicly to the global news media so he could win the election. It would be a crowning achievement of political performance art that would likely never again be rivaled in American history. It was a singular political news move no one had ever dared to do previously.
Before trump bullied and insulted his way to the top of the ticket. An outrageous spectacle like this was unthinkable, unprecedented. This was just the way Trump liked it. He was going to make history. With all of this in mind Trump step forward to the microphone. In an instant, he let the mask slip off exposing 4 years worth of winks nods, and signed contracts with Putin’s Kremlin and said the words, that for any other person, would have been tantamount to treason.
Russia if you’re listening I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think that you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Voila it was done. Donald J. Trump, champion of the Republican Party, stood before the world and publicly embraced America’s most insidious near peer enemy, but what did Trump care? He had a race to win and if it meant using the global media’s fiery obsession and insatiable appetite for any news related to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email, so be it.
Perhaps his public confession where he practically admitted that he was in league with a foreign nation relieved the secret internal pressure. A pressure that incessantly weighed heavily within him but which motivated him to achieve a perpetually pressing secret desire. I must be a winner.

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It

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So that’s the first part. Oh, it gets better. That’s just paragraph one. So some of you may have heard that I had equated Donald Trump to Benedict Arnold. As a matter of fact that’s why I wanted to know that newspaper. The Times Union said that I had called Donald Trump the worst traitor since Benedict Arnold and I had not. What I said on television was, if all of this is true, then he will be the worst traitor since Benedict Arnold. I owe Benedict Arnold an apology. Benedict Arnold fought for this nation. I mean, he was a real war fighter.

It was only when he felt slighted and then married a woman who really really really wanted to be in the high society of England, Peggy Shippen, that he betrayed the nation. In fact. he was so gallant, he wrote to George Washington from the British ship that he escaped on to tell Washington, I did this on my own. Yes I screwed you over but my chief of staff and my head of command, none of them were complicit in this plot. It was just me. That’s a little bit of gallantry.

Donald Trump will never ever achieve a level of half-decent notoriety that Benedict Arnold will have. Benedict Arnold fought the battle of Saratoga, and if none of you know the battle of Saratoga, it was not going well. The Americans were being pressed and he saw after he had been relieved of his command for being sort of a hot head. He saw that there was an opening on the British right flank and without orders he jumped on a horse went back to his troops, took them, turned the British right flank and helped. A crucial move that beat the British at Saratoga.

That is why on the statue of Saratoga there is a statue bass relief of his boot. Why was it his boot? Because he was shot through the thigh, and that gave him a critical injury that took him off the battlefield and led him to treachery.
At least he served, not like Cadet Bone Spurs

But his boot is what was dedicated. His wound is honored there as all that is honorable about Benedict Arnold. I’ve been to Benedict Arnold’s crypt. In case any of you were wondering, he is buried in a church in the Southwest side of London. In a small village, a small section called Battersea in a church there and he is buried in an underground crypt that has been converted into a kindergarten. That’s where Benedict Arnold is. He and Peggy Shippen have a lovely view of a fish tank. I’m not joking. You can go to a Battersea Church and see what happens when you betray the country.

So Donald Trump is clearly, without any question, the worst person to have ever been in the position of President the United States and there’s a reason for that and that’s going to lead me to my next reading. So one of the things that I do in this book is I discuss the one flaw that he has. The man has no character. He has no, what we call, depth of soul.

He has no capacity for shame. No capacity for humbleness. My beloved wife, all the time she would say, you know you’re pretty good at this, and I’d say well not that great at it, and and she go what’s up with the humble routine? And I go, well, when in the military, when you start to putting your head up you get shot. So I’ve learned to be a little humble, and she’s like, well knock it off.

But Donald Trump. The word humility has never entered his lexicon. He is the worst character of any person to ever sit in the White House. I will not refer to him as the President of the United States. Well, Malcolm I get right wingers ask me this all the time, isn’t that disrespectful of the Commander in Chief. When I go well, when we get a Commander in Chief, I’ll let you know.

Because one of the parts of this book which I really loved, was when I wrote chapter 17, Fixing A Fractured Democracy. Where I write about. I write about character and the traits that we all expect as American citizens in the first citizen of this nation. Everyone look, I’m sorry every President of the United States including Richard Nixon, had the character to be President United States.

Andrew Jackson was an uneducated, racist, genocidal, ignoramus, but in his 4 years he still maintained the dignity of the Office of the President the United States. Yes he was mass murdering Indians. That’s a flaw that we’ll all have to live with. But, did he shame the office? It’s hard to argue. He was a commensurate politician. So I want to give you a little bit of reading about character because this section of the book means something to me. I spent my entire life dedicating every minute to ensuring all of you can come here and have drinks without worrying about somebody blowing the place up. right?

No, don’t thank me, thank my wife and my mom. I did the fun stuff. I was riding submarines and the Puerto Banus. My poor sainted mother having to worry about us. So I’m gonna read this really quickly.

As chief executive, the President is more than the most powerful man in the world. He is caretaker of the largest and most devoted Republic. The electoral process is supposed to be a selection and vetting process to choose the first citizen. Who is sworn to uphold and defend the constitution. For 243 years American elections have also been a character test. A test of a candidate’s inherent decency just as much as his or her fortitude. Where in the best of all the citizens are freely selected to be the leader of 340 millions.
There are many ways to test the character of a man or woman who would be come the President of the United States. The characteristics that would best describe the national leader should include compassion, empathy, decisiveness, intellect, and an unwavering desire to defend the principles and rules of the Constitution above all.
It is the belief that the first citizen should not only reflect the best aspects of the national character, and embody someone who the citizenry can admire and emulate, but also that he or she above all things should understand the American experiment from its founding. The President, as the first citizen should seek to maintain, defend and further the success of that experiment. A certain level of gallantry has always been expected of the President. By gallantry I mean gentlemanly in form and attitude. Yes, some taking the seat have proven themselves craven and crude, but the head of the first families has usually been led by a person with a sense of calmness, strength and refinement.
For 243 years the person occupying the office of the presidency has generally behaved in such a way that it was clear from the time that a democratically elected person held office that he feared to let the country down. Even those perennially listed among the worst like Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and especially Richard Nixon, worked to advance the nation. The defense of the Constitution was above all else the principal mission of the man behind the resolute desk. Until 2016, this held strong and firm across American history…

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It

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One second I got to skip a little. Because they’re going through all the Presidents.

Since we are expounding on leadership, it should be noted that the men and women of the armed forces use a centuries old method for producing leaders of substance of their own. Their honor is reflected in their mottoes. The motto of the U. S. Navy is courage honor commitment. The motto of the US Army is duty honor country. The motto of the US Air Force Academy is integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do. The Marine Corps values are reflected in the Latin phrase semper fidelis, which means always faithful, and the US Coast Guard has it ever-proven phrase semper paratus, which means always ready.

These are deeply held principles for which tens of thousands of men and women have sacrificed their lives to keep our flag unsullied and to advance the cause of freedom and democracy. Most important trait of all is that they be men and women of character. When we say character we mean that they must not only have love of country but of personal integrity. They must maintain a code of honor and be ready and willing to fight and die to uphold these principles. Every president as ever is also Commander in Chief and should live by the same honor code is the armed forces.
Many Presidents had the experience of serving in war. Including George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley, James Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy and George H. W. Bush are among the 29 Presidents who served in the armed forces. In researching this book, I came across a discussion by David Blanchard Palmer. At the end of the discussion about George Washington’s travails in dealing with the treachery of Benedict Arnold, he invoked the name of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. The hero of one of the most decisive battles in Gettysburg.
Chamberlain distinguished himself in his small regiment, the twentieth Maine by standing firm in an untenable position at a critical place and juncture which could have led to the complete collapse of the union lines in the battle. Had chamberlain failed, the civil war could have ended quickly and badly. America, as we know it, could have been rent asunder into two competing nations that would likely have gone on to other wars.
(I’m gonna quickly skip over that…)
When pressed by southern forces attacking up hill at a place called Little Round Top, Chamberlain’s men were barely holding their union right flank. Chamberlain was in a desperate situation. His men were almost out of ammunition. Except for a small group protecting the flag, he was losing cohesion of his forces on the left and the right, and at his center men were falling under withering Confederate gun fire. At that moment the enemy was about the storm up the hill and sweep them away. Chamberlain saw one chance to save it all.
With the entire army in peril, chamberlain ordered his last companies to organize into lines, to fix their bayonets, and with out ammunition they would storm down on the gathering Southerners. With only the slightest hope that the surge of steel and charging man would break the Southern assault. He did so, and so it did. In that one instant, America was saved by one act of bravery.
A self effacing man, Chamberlain attributed one trait that made up the measure of his men who could take such a brave and risky attack in the face of the tsunami of death. Character. In his own words he expounded. The lesson impressed on me as I stand here in my heart and my mind traverse your faces in the years that are gone, is that in a great momentous struggle, like this commemorated here, is character that tells.
I do not mean simply or chiefly bravery. Many a man has that, who may become surprised or disconcerted at a sudden change in the posture of affairs. What I mean by character is a firm and seasoned substance of the soul. I mean such qualities or acquirement as intelligence, thoughtfulness, conscientious, right mindedness, patience, fortitude, long suffering, and unconquerable resolve. Now you’ve seen the evidence that I have laid out on America. In the era of Donald Trump what say you now?

Trump's criminal administrationMalcolm Nance is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance.
The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It

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You’re all crying. I can tell. You’re like, Malcolm you are harshing my mellow. So for my last point before I start taking questions I’ll take a few questions and then we’ll sign some books. I’m going to give you something uplifting. I’m going to read you part of the Forward by Martin Sheen. It will bring tears to your eyes and you will say I want that President from The West Wing. I’m gonna read this to you and it is wonderful.

America is the greatest power the world has ever seen simply because it harnesses the strengths of all those who seek her bounty. A nation where the transgressions of the parents could always be atoned for by the children who stood firm to refine the American promise. America has been a place where goodness, compassion, and kindness, with the noblest of goals, work character erudition and apathy were the hallmarks of our national leaders. It held these values dear until the inner hatred of some rejected the simple act of electing a black man is our first citizen.
His mistake was to try to bind the nation by giving the poorest, health care, the gift of life and with it a greater opportunity for liberty. On 11/9/2016 and on every day since the election of Donald J. Trump, a narcissistic scoundrel of a con man turned opportunistic politician, this once great nation has been on a breakless descent into a seemingly unending hell scape of national despair. 60 percent of our countrymen and women especially those of color, native Americans, and the poor, are ignored by a scalawag whose only love is for himself and his billionaire friends.
It is heart rending that Trump has convinced a cavelcade of sunshine patriots and the misguided desperate, to believe that they could be masters above all others if they just embrace hatred and violence and make him their petty tyrant.
Malcolm Nance reveals in these pages how Trump violated the oath of office. After having been elected with the assistance of our foreign enemies and a disgraceful alliance of neo nazis, white supremacists, and congressional toadies who may be best called fifth columnists. All of those so called citizens allowed Trump free reign to transform America from a constitutional republic to a constitutional autocracy. With our beloved national contract a mere fig leaf.
Nance outlines the long disgraceful journey into a wretched, putrid bilge of Trump’s nascent authoritarianism. It lays bare the plot to enrich himself at the expense of America’s national security, and his mad desire to mimic the iron fisted rule of his peers. A ruthless dictator, a North Korean mass murderer, and an assortment of communist autocrats.
I hope I inspired a few of you in my role as Josiah Bartlet, the fictional TV President in the TV series West Wing, when he said. We did not expect nor did we invite a confrontation with evil. Yet the true measure of a peoples strength is how they rise to master that moment when it does arrive, but every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge we look up and we are reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.

This is a time for American heroes. We will do what is hard. We will achieve what is great. This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars. I am sure that informed reader you will realize that you are the heroes we have been waiting for. With your enlightened passion, America will survive.
Martin Sheen 8/20/19.

That guy is awesome but that quote he had to get Byron Sorkin’s permission. To use it. It is there in the footnotes, the authorization. That’s a small taste of that book. It’s a mean book. It is full of nasty characters and critters, but each chapter starts off with a pretty funny story and I hope that you’ll enjoy that, but most importantly. The epilogue, it bookends my version of what Martin Sheen just said there.

Like I wrote in Plot to Destroy Democracy, I am a child of Philadelphia. I was born at a Naval Hospital. The child from a military family that started in 1864. Every Nance male has served in the armed forces of the United States. Every war. My niece has taken up that mantle she was in combat off of Yemen a year ago in the Navy. So our legacy lives on. Now, why do I remind you of that? Because I love this country. All right?

Plot To Destroy DemocracyMalcolm Nance
is the greatest author and intelligence expert in the anti-Trump resistance movement. He told you so before and during the Trump election campaign. Now he is back with more confirmation and information about the most criminal White House occupants ever to seize power. Also their domestic terrorists. Another must-read from Nance. See for yourself how Trump and his Republican allies colluded with Russia to undermine our most precious institutions.
The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

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I made a statement last year and I am sorry I said it now. I was speaking at the Commonwealth Club and I offhandedly said I am willing to sacrifice my home, my treasure and my family for this nation. Now I sort of feel that I have. My wife is not going to see the end of this with us. I would so love for her to see this nation was restored. When I was young in Philadelphia, I wrote this in the epilogue to Plot to Destroy Democracy.
When I would get mad I’d like to go down to Independence Hall and sit. Because it’s beautiful and I love history. I love the colonial era and what I didn’t know until one day I was angry. I went across the street to a corner to Independence Hall.
On the backside is a part called Washington Square. Washington Square, when I read the signs, was a graveyard of over 1,000 revolutionary war unknown soldiers. It is the site of the first Unknown Soldier in the United States, and there is a giant statue in marble granite wall with George Washington and an eternal flame. What I didn’t know was it was also the edge of town supposedly, and that was a black graveyard, and they took it over from the slaves to bury the soldiers.
On that wall is a statement that I now believe set me off into the intelligence community. It’s a quote which Washington says, man’s freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness.
We are in darkness. We have right now one year to save the American experiment. Not joking. We are in danger. Now we are teetering between whether we are a constitutional republic. Or a constitutional autocracy with the constitution is a fig leaf like I wrote. For essentially, it’s a totalitarian state. Where they will say you have freedom of speech, while stifling freedom of speech.
You know, the only thing that I can’t see these people doing. That’s from the Constitution, is quarter in British soldiers in our house. The Fourth Amendment you cannot quarter soldiers in your house at your expense. That’s still in the Fourth Amendment, but the right to search and seizure seems to be violated all the time. We are nearing a breaking point in American history. I think this will be the most significant election since 1864. States opted out of the election and then got mad when Abraham Lincoln was elected. Because that’s the way right wingers are. By the way for those of you were like, man, I just hate right wingers.
I was conservative most of my career, but I was a Colin Powell style conservative. Now we are called far left liberals, and I’ve taken the little test, we’re like right over here to the lower left. Because we believe in the values that we were given. It’s no joke that we’re African American. We’ve got nothing. I’ll say they were immigrants. We were hostages. Right? We didn’t ask to come here. We just that bag came off our head, and we were in South Carolina.
Well, I believe in what’s happening here. I believe in you. I believe what Martin has said, you are the heroes we are waiting for. We are here collectively to express our values. And I take it personally. When I’m run up against people who think. 40 percent of this country should lead the other 60 percent. And that the other 60 percent don’t get a say in anything. There are some crazy people in this immediate area. Right. I got people out there talking to me about their militia. Really?
In one speech I got the state police 50 caliber sniper rifles. You do not want to come up here and play like this is the Shay’s Rebellion. I love talking about that by the way because that’s what these guys say. We gonna’ have us a rebellion. Yeah. Let me talk to you about the Shay’s Rebellion which happened right over there near Pittsfield. Do you know how the Shay’s Rebellion was broken up?
The National Guard was sent out there and here’s what George Washington’s orders were. Bring in cannons. Because Washington knew and goes, I’m not gonna have this and he shot ordinance at these rebels, these tax dodgers. When he took off the head of the guy who was leading the rebellion, the rebellion ended. That’s what’s going to happen, but we don’t want to go anywhere near there. What we want to do is exercise the franchise to vote. We want all of you for that. We’re not yet l,ed by the KGB officer yet. KGB lackey but not a KGB officer.

That is why this book is called the Plot to Betray America. They don’t care really about the Constitution. It’s very clear now. They only care about power, and to them power means access to that pool of money that supersedes loyalty to the Constitution. I’ve spent every minute of my life defending this nation. I love this country dearly and I have been all around the world.

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