Plot to Betray America

Malcolm Nance came out of the intelligence community to reveal an inside look at the geo-political role of hostile actors within and without the Putin regime of Russia. It is the intersection of community insights and solid research. Learn not just how Putin did it but what it will take to secure all the aspects of representative democracy for our posterity.
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The Plot to Destroy Democracy : How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West

I heard Malcolm Nance talk about that and his new book in the studio of the best syndicated liberal talk show in what’s left of America. You should hear the great guests talk on the Stephanie Miller Show!

New Nance! Let’s learn what it will take to counterattack the coup plotters.  Get the book here to show us some love and support.

Get all his excellent books now & help get the word out with your 5-star review

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Malcolm Nance Book Plot to Destroy Democracy
Read The Malcolm Nance interviews and get his book(s). Written to burst the bubble of a Donald Dupe.
ImpeachMotiv8ionalMust Read

Malcolm Nance On Stephanie Miller Show: Corona Confusion

Malcolm Nance On Stephanie Miller Show: Corona Confusion – Read how the Trump Administration and Republican enablers are taking advantage of the confusion they have stirred up to distract Americans while they steal, and dismantle our Nation’s resources. In this new interview on the Stephanie Miller Show, Malcolm Nance couples his expertise with foreign reporters like Olga Lautman on Twitter. All top rate intelligence analysis for you. It ends with Malcolm’s choice for Joe Biden’s VP pick.

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BiographyImpeachMotiv8ionalMust Read

Malcolm Nance Speaks In Panel At Miami Book Fair

Donald Trump in some way shape or form, for some reason is in debt to Vladimir Putin. I don’t know what it is. Maybe he still thinks he’s getting Trump Tower 2.0 out of it. This is a man who was so dense that he thought that he would offer Vladimir Putin a 50 million dollar bribe of a penthouse at the top of Trump Tower of Moscow. Vladimir Putin would own Trump Tower. I mean, he just does not see how he is.

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