The Best Refined Sugar Substitutes

The Best Substitutes For Refined Sugar

Here’s a post about the best ways to substitute natural sweeteners for dangerous refines sugars and high fructose corn syrup. Learn why you should use a non-caloric substitute sugar for a healthier body

High Fructose Corn Syrup Health Risks Explained

Allow me to explain why you shouldn’t consume most carbonated beverages and other processed foods that are over-sweetened for huge profits while putting your health at risk. The reason is High Fructose Corn Syrup.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Must Be Eliminated

I’m making this to make you aware of what I consider a food additive which is the most common and fixable health risk in the American food supply. You need to eliminate this from your diet to succeed. Substitute sugars help you do that. Even though this is a simple natural change to make, you should talk to a trusted medical professional about your intentions and expectations.


Because there are too many packaged, processed foods in America that contain an abundance of High Fructose Corn Syrup. (HFCS) that is made from GMO corn and it is the most unhealthy sweetener out there on the market. You really do not want to be consuming this nor support the industry behind it. HFCS have been proven through scientific research to actually be much worse than white refined table sugar, let alone fruit and alcohol sugar substitutes now available.

As shown in a study that I will share here, the type of sugar counts. Female mice fed a diet which contained 25 percent of calories from added fructose and glucose carbohydrates, known as monosaccharides, that are found in corn syrup died at a rate of one point eight seven times higher than the control group. Those were compared to female mice on a diet in which 25 percent of calories came from sucrose. The mice on the fructose glucose diet produced 26.4% fewer offspring than their counterparts on the diet containing simple table sugar.

The study suggests women can face adverse health effects tied to consuming too much high fructose corn syrup which is found in many processed food products.
Between 13% – 25% of Americans are estimated to eat common foods you wouldn’t think of as sweets yet that are serving you 25% or more of calories from added refined sugars.
It’s really really not good for you at all. More research shows more trouble for women that suffer with fertility issues. This is one of the new reasons out there. Yes, it’s massively shortening your life expectancy and for me I want to live as long as possible because I love living.

It Happened To Me

I maintain a fairly pure diet so I usually only think about the corn syrup issues until I’d experienced it. What happened was I’d eaten a smoothie with HFCS in it. That night as I was trying to go to bed my intestines are just going crazy, I also felt like I was too overstimulated for sleeping.

Then I felt intuitively drawn to consume activated charcoal, which I did. That helped relax all the muscles in my intestinal area and lower abdominal area for a while. The next day I was producing so much thick mucus, more than I ever normally produced. It was thicker than ever and still my whole esophagus felt even more. My intestines are still not feeling good. All I could continue to do is things to remove the toxic substances from my body.

I would definitely make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future. I’ve never had that added to my diet since. There’s so many dangers to your health when consuming this and so Americans are consuming processed sugars on an everyday basis. For the long term you want to be avoiding that at all costs. If you buy any packaged food, learn how to check out the labels and make sure that your voting against it with your dollars it if it has high fructose corn syrup in it. Buy plain food you can sweeten yourself with substitute sugar instead.

Negative Effects Of HFCS

Probiotics are great for stopping yeast infection weight gainSo now I’ll list some of the negative effects that it has on your body.
Makes you gain weight
Trains your body to store fat instead of burning it
Raises your cholesterol
One of the main causes of type 2 diabetes
Negative effect on your metabolism
Toxic to your intestinal flora
Raises your blood pressure
Increases your risk of heart disease
It is cancer-causing, known as a carcinogen
Very negative effects on children and adults inducing or enhancing ADHD.
Contains deadly mercury
Speeds up the aging process
Impedes your immune system
Causes tooth decay
Leads to distress such as bloating gas and diarrhea.
It’s linked to hair loss
Blurred vision and retinal damage
Shortness of breath
Gout and arthritis

HFCS just add a whole host of negative effects in all your internal organs. It’s an abuse of the system that’s actually breaking them down. Read enough WebMD technical articles and you know the list just goes on and on. So make sure you avoid it at all costs.
As we see, most people out there do not care about their health. Please share this video with anyone you think needs to hear about this warning in relation to consuming high fructose corn syrup that is usually made from GMO corn. It’s hard to avoid since they’re putting it in almost everything sold by a major brand.

What Can I Substitute For Sugar and HFCS?

There’s Xylitol, Monk Fruit, Pear Fruit and other fruit juices, Maltitol and other alcohol sugars, or try Stevia. Which are all good substitute sweeteners that replace sugar well.

So what is my choice for the best sugar substitute? It’s in this video below

buy chocolate with substitute sugar monk fruit

Learn about substitute sugar for natural sweeteners that taste good without the health risks of sugars that processed foods are loaded up with, like HFCS (High Fructose-Corn-Syrup.

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