What happened when I talked to a group of veterans about the President

What happened when I talked to a group of veterans about the President
Tom Steyer

Our President is a typical Republican when it comes to veterans. They don’t like them on the way back in from war, as much as when they’re on the way out. I talked to some about what’s happened during this administration.

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Mr. Trump has spent his time in the Oval Office dishonoring and warping our American ideals, but this Independence Day, I’m turning to real heroes for inspiration: the people who’ve served in our military and fought to protect us. Watch this video to see what a group of veterans had to say about the man in the White House:
These fighters deserve better than a president who sells out the country they put themselves on the line to defend. We all deserve a leader who serves us, not foreign dictators or his own greedy interests. Take a minute to listen to what our veterans have to say about America, then share it with your family this 4th of July.

  hear from our vets

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