Report On E-Bike Ride Share Availability

E-Bikes Are In Use As Ride Share Vehicles

This is my report on how E-Bikes are being used by municipalities all across the United States. It’s called rideshare. Ride share is helping to advance e-bike manufacturing. Cities work with a local sponsor to provide electric vehicles for public use as an alternative to walking or driving around town. In a few years the concept is now employed Coast to coast and many points in between. Ride Share E-Bikes are increasingly available in municipalities all across the USA. This page goes with a video series. It starts out proving this with a coast to coast review of Ride Share programs that are buying and deploying thousands of electric powered bicycles for tourists and commuters.
First seen in San Francisco, ride share E-Bikes are in California cities big and small. So I’ll show you Arcata first.

In Arcata, California the city sponsors the program in a partnership with an E-Bike manufacturer. The purchase or lease agreement is set up for the bicycles. The maker can also operate a service contract for reliable income. Thus the E-Bike manufacturer is able to fill large E-Bike orders at a discount.

Arcata uses Zagster E-Bikes with four position motor control. The battery is inside the frame, but I couldn’t figure out how the thing gets re-charged.
It has good compression brakes made for a wide tire.
There are unlocking instructions on the package shelf.
The lock is the metal bar through the spokes and its black sheath that connects to the docking cable.
Here’s the Ride Share bikes in their rack.
The rear tire is a coaster brake style hub.
Here’s the mid drive motor.

In Eureka, California┬áthe city has partnered with a local grocer. The E-Bikes become dual use between the tourists and the store’s regular local customers. Other-wise, this is still a mid drive motor being used here.

Zagster is again the E-Bike maker. They have made a comfortable, multipurpose electric vehicle. I like the shopping bag sized front basket and wide package shelf in back. I’m sure having these E-Bikes around has increased business for North Shore Co-op.

Now on to New York City. Bikes are already a large portion of street traffic here. This may be due to the influence of asian cultured people and I see many asians now cruising across town on E-Bikes, and other E-Vehicles.
Citibank sponsored a great Ride Share system. They use superior level E-Bikes. They maximized their corporate presence with their colors on extra splash guards and thick, internal wiring frame.
Let’s look at the kiosk interface.

Many of the bicycle rick shaws are 1000 watt or more E-Bikes.

Last Stop.
Madison, Wisconsin.
The City of Madison partnered with a ride share vendor to provide these E-Bikes for this progressive community of students and townies.
I really like the side saddle battery placement that could allow for 3 more batteries to be mounted. Something I would appreciate in a personal trail riding E-Bike.
It has the easiest docking station yet and uses the Bosch mid drive motor.
All these rideshare, E-Bikes, required being picked up and returned to a service center for battery re-charging.

You want to be sure the share bike you pick has enough charge by seeking a fully charged one.

This ends the first E-Bike ride share report. Stay tuned by subscribing to this Youtube Channel

Ride Share E-Bike programs are available in municipalities all across the USA. This video series sets out proving this in a coast to coast review.


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